Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

It's an unexpectedly gorgeous day today in the neighborhood - a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Breezy, cool and sunny. What could be better? This is the October I love. Rocky and I have already been for a nice walk and he's had his breakfast. I haven't. In my decrepit old age, I don't wake up hungry anymore. It normally takes me about an hour to work up an appetite and then - watch out!. But the coffee's brewing. It won't be long before I shuffle into the kitchen for my Sunday morning eggs and bacon. I try really hard (well, maybe not that hard), to be a vegetarian, but bacon is my downfall.

I had a surprise visit from my best friend Judy and her hubby. They drove in from Ohio for business on Friday and dropped in for a quick visit yesterday. We went out to lunch. Nice surprise. Rocky was delirious with joy. He's finally decided he likes company, especially Judy and Paul company.

Today is the kind of day Fall was invented for. The leaves haven't turned much in the area, but slowly and surely they're gettin' there. The last roses of summer are still stubbornly blooming. Maybe I'll cut the last of the lavender from the big blue pot out front.

Rocky and I will be taking longer walks today. If it gets any chillier, he'll wear his new orange quilted jacket and look very handsome in it.

Of course I'll be doing some reading, finishing up A.J. Rozan's terrific new thriller, ON THE LINE. Listening to the Yankees game later. Also hopefully finishing up some paperwork I've been lagging behind on, but that's about it. Just another quiet day in the neighborhood.


  1. always like to surprise people!!! you are so fun to surprise!!!! it was great seeing you and the Rock!!! what a great little man is he!!!!! have a great week and I'm only a phone call away!!!!! or FB me and I will call when you need lifting up!!!!!! love ya !!!!! judy

  2. Thanks, Judy. Yes, it was a nice surprise. We had fun.


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