Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mystery Glitz

I read about Pattie Tierney's delightful (you all KNOW how I like 'delightful') jewelry on Janet Rudolph's Mystery Fanfare blog yesterday and was instanly smitten. How clever is this? Jewelry with a Mystery Theme for those of us who adore mysteries AND jewelry. (And really, who doesn't?) Can you think of a better combo when you find yourself on a lonely road, packing heat and hunting bad guys? Or on an evening when Marlowe or Archer or even Poirot drops by? Since my favorite line in all literature is: Watson, the game is afoot! I definitely have my eye on that pendant.

Here's Pattie's etsy link. Ah, where would we all be without etsy?


  1. Hah! Love it.
    Did you see last year's Sherlock movie? I LOVED it. They are working on the sequel now.

    I will be sad if you hated it. But then, I am a HUGE Robert Downey fan. :-)

  2. Oh, I hate to make you sad, Cathy. BUT - didn't like the Downey version at all - too frenetic. (Even though I am a Downey fan too.) I am too set in my ways I suppose. Although I am looking forward to viewing the new PBS modern day Sherlock Holmes series. (Available free online from Oct. 25th to sometime in December, by the way). I mean, how could you NOT like an actor named Benedict Cumberbatch?


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