Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just for a lark: Whom Do You Prefer?

The new Superman is Henry Cavill.
 He's okay. Good but not great.

 I much prefer Brandon Routh from a few years ago in SUPERMAN RETURNS, though the screenplay left a lot to be desired and Kevin Spacey (whom I normally like) RUINED the film.

But, for me, the one and only Christopher Reeve was - is - Superman.

Not George Reeves. He was okay way back when we didn't know any better.

But I do love Max Fleischer's early graphic Superman cartoons to this day.

Who do you like best? Will you go see the new SUPERMAN movie?


  1. Can only be the late but great Christopher Reeve, as far as I'm concerned, but Brandon Routh did a worthy job stepping into Mr Reeves' shoes (or should that be 'donning the Red cape?)

  2. I don't get why there has to be a third Superman incarnation. I mean, what's the point? Besides making money that is.

    Oh, wait, I answered my own question. :)

  3. Christopher Reeve yes!

    However, when I was a kid, George Reeves was Superman to me. He and all of the actors who played Jimmy Olson and Lois Lane were part of my life then.

    I don't even remember who played those cheracters with Christopher Reeve, except Margot Kidder was in the mix somewhere.

  4. Jackie Cooper played Perry White. That I definitely remember from the Christopher Reeve movie. Margot Kidder played Lois Lane.

    Yeah, I watched the George Reeves SUPERMAN once upon a time. But looking back it simply could not compare, even in memory, with the Christopher Reeve SUPERMAN.

  5. I got to go along with George Reeves and the gang from many decades ago.

    It's "Whom." It's the object of the verb "prefer;" therefore, it must be in the objective case. "Who" is nominative case. [g]

  6. Whatever you say, Fred. I thought it was 'whom' but wasn't sure. :)

    Okay two votes so far for George Reeves...!

  7. But, I have to admit that Christopher comes in at a very close second.

  8. I agree RE: Henry Cavill. He is very handsome indeed but I am not sure how I feel about him being the man of steel. I liked Brandon Routh in Superman Returns and of course I grew up on Christopher Reeve.

    I actually did not mind the George Reeves' television version of Superman.

    In other words I do not think I have any absolute favorite, but am not certain about this latest incarnation of the character. I guess we will have to wait and see.

  9. I remember watching George Reeves as Superman on the Night Flight series that USA Network did ages ago. Then he ws the only Superman for me. Once I started watching the Christopher Reeves movies, I fell in love with the character all over again. I think they both brought a lot to the role.

    I also enjoyed Dean Cain as Superman in the Lois & Clark TV show. I never watched Smallville so I don't have anything to say about Tom Welling

  10. iluvcinema: Yes, I think a 'wait and see' attitude is the wisest course. :)

    George Reeves was fine - in his day.I always liked Lois Lane, but can't remember the actress's name. Always liked her fetching little hats. I also always liked the guy who played Perry White and the guy who played Jimmy Olsen. It was a good cast. Well, maybe I liked the show better than at first I thought...

  11. Ryan: Dean Cain. How could I forget him? He made for such a gorgeous Superman. That was a pretty good show. I never watched SMALLVILLE either, don't know anything about it.

  12. Just a thought:

    When I think of the supporting cast, Perry, Lois, Jimmy, I always picture the George Reeve cast. I can't even bring to mind the supporting cast for Christopher Reeves, even though I can bring him to mind.

    I wonder if my preference is partially based on what I see as a stronger supporting cast for George Reeve.

    George Reeve: good portrayal with a strong supporting cast.

    Christopher Reeves: good portrayal with a weak supporting cast.

  13. My wife would say Chris Reeve and I must agree with her. SUPERMAN II is still the best of the movies. And you're about SUPERMAN RETURNS--Kevin Spacey, who's a fine actor, did indeed ruin it.

  14. Fred: I can visually remember the Christopher Reeve supporting cast as well as the George Reeves cast. I can only remember a couple of names in either cast.

    It's possible too that watching the tv show every week imbedded the cast in our minds.

  15. Ricky, I'm glad you agree with me about Kevin Spacey. I blame the director for allowing him to over-act. It's up to the guiding hand to rein in an actor running amok. Or so I would think.

  16. Yvette,

    That's very possible.

  17. George Reeves and Chris Reeve are both Superman for me. Different but equal portrayals. And George Reeves Clark Kent was actually a strong confident reporter unlike the bumbling albeit well meaning bafoon of the Chris Reeve films. But both were perfect for their time.

    I will certainly see the new film and so will everyone else including the people who are complaining.
    Superman is well Super and when you're a fan you are a fan.


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