Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another Movie Quiz. Simply because...


  1. Liked your list, Yvette -- but The Last Wagon is a 20th Century-Fox oater.

  2. Was it? Okay, I'll pick something else. All I'm remembering from that time was lots of Rock Hudson westerns with U.I. world logo. But I was never really a big Rock Hudson fan.

  3. You've done excellently for someone with allergy-induced brain fog. I have allergy-induced amnesia, can't remember anything in order to do this quiz.

    My only comments are: favorite Stephen King movies are The Shawshank Redemption and Dolores Claiborne, neither of which need revising or remaking.

    Haven't seen movies in theatres, watch dvd's at home or a friend's.

    Theatre owners could cut prices, offer much more in discounts for people in fixed incomes, charge normal prices for snacks and drinks and have healthy snacks.
    (but not an apple or orange or bag of nuts or bottle of water for $10; that's ridiculous. Then we have to smuggle in fruit.)

    When I was a kid in Chicago, a double-feature Saturday matinee was a draw with lots of trailers for upcoming movies and newsreels in black and white. Loved all of those.
    (Even then I couldn't afford the snacks, so I remember at about age 11, making some fudge in a glass pie plate and bringing the entire pie plate with me in a bag. We had to dig out the fudge with utensils and bang the plate around to get it out. I later figured out you take the fudge out first and bring it.)
    Childhood has its fun memories.

    I'll ponder this later when I can think but don't know when that will happen.

  4. Great list ... it will take me some time to put together a similar one, but I think I will start working on it and let you know when I am done.

  5. Kathy: I love reading about the things we used to do as kids to get by in a movie theater - then then the candy was overpriced. (That's where theater owners make their real money - of so I understand.)

    In my day, they didn't seem to mind so much if you smuggled in something as long as you didn't throw it around and hit someone in the eye with it.

    There was always a 'matron' who guided us down to the kid's section with a flashlight. She promptly threw us all out once a certain time was reached. We weren't allowed to stay past, say, 3 o'clock. (But we were allowed to see the films over and over again if we came in early enough.)

  6. iluvcinema: Looking forward to your list. :)

  7. I laughed when I saw that you'd picked the Mythical Monkey as the low profile writer who deserves more attention.

    Two films on your list, Katie-Bar-The-Door and I watched yesterday -- The Thing From Another World and The Adventures of Robin Hood. The former as a tribute to James Arness, the latter because it was on TCM. The Thing is probably one of Katie's top five favorite movies.

    Oh, and France Nuyen -- I didn't recognize her until you posted the head shot from Star Trek. I had to look up the episode's title. "Elaan of Troyius." Not quite as catchy as "The Trouble with Tribbles," is it.

  8. Well, M.M. I could hardly do any less. :)

    The two films you mention watching are two of my very faves also. I never get tired of watching them.

    Embarrassing to admit, Elaan of Troyius is one of my favorite STAR TREK episodes. :) I like the orange styrofoam thingies on Elaan's bodyguard's uniform. They really had NO money for costumes, obviously. But they made of them what they could. :)

    Second favorite Star Trek episode: the one with the living rock in the underground cave - she was laying round rock eggs and the miners were killing them off thinking they were merely rocks, never suspecting they were babies. Love that episode.

  9. FYI: At the post below, when I clicked to read/write messages, I got a "Blogger Disabled."

    I wrote a message last night but it got swallowed up.

  10. I'm sorry you're having problems. There's not much I can do on my end except what I'm doing. I've switched over to Firefox as my internet browser but frankly, it's not any better than what I had before. So I'm going to go back.

    Google Blogger is obviously the problem. Short of switching to another blogger host - which I don't feel confident in doing - I'm sort of stuck until G.B. straightens itself out.

    All I can say is: please bear with me.

  11. That was Kathy D., not anonymous, whose comment was met by a strange Blogger comment. Gosh, does Blogger ever have a mind of its own.

    I got Diva, the movie, today but in my allergy-induced fog, I'm not sure this is the time to see it. It seems like full attention is needed, but I'll try.

  12. Kathy: Don't watch it if you're not in the mood. Wait until better times. :)

  13. Please feel free to add to today's list if you like...I almost always do my posts the night before or on the day, and various activities have kept me from writing my own for today...yet!

    And thanks for joining in!

    Definitely France Nuyen...though I'd highlight her I SPY work first.


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