Monday, June 13, 2011

Bookmarks Are My Passion

Are you like me? Do you collect bookmarks? Surely I can't be the only one.

Yeah, I've been collecting them at will, for years. This pix shows a bunch of 'em. Well, you know my book greed,  now you know another facet of my personality - bookmark greed! Mostly these are bookmarks I haven't paid for. They're more fun in you get them for free. Two of the best places to get them for free - outside the largess of your friends - are book conferences, i.e. Bouchercon, etc. OR
Book Expo America if you happen to be lucky enough to attend.

Sometimes my friends, knowing my propensity for the things, will send them to me - usually tucked inside a book. Other times I pick them up in bookstores and libraries or wherever. I've been amassing bookmarks for awhile. And not just for show either, I use 'em. I don't like to 'dog-ear' books, even paperbacks. I mean, I have, occasionally. I just don't do it as a matter of routine.

Far as I'm concerned, certain books require certain bookmarks. Am I wrong? I mean, my Amelia Peabody books (Amelia is a Victorian woman of gumption and daring and also a pseudo-archaeologist who spends most of her time in Egypt digging up mysteries) get their own special Egyptian-themed bookmark. My vintage crime books get theirs. My romances - theirs. I never use a mystery bookmark when I'm reading 'literature'. I mean, my goodness! And when I read non-fiction, those books get their own 'serious' bookmarks. I know, I know it all sounds awfully finicky, but there you have it. It's my own little, teensy, weensy phobia. Harmless enough.

The main problem with the things is where do you keep a bookmark collection?

Mostly I store them in a basket. They need to be handy - who knows when a book will require its own ultra-special, super-duper bookmark?

So, how do you feel about bookmarks? Can you take them or leave them alone? Yeah, I used to be that way too, once upon a time.


  1. Hello Yvette:
    Now, the idea of a bookmark collection really appeals to us. We have a number already but nothing which would pass muster as a collection such as yours. However, just reading of yours has inspired us to take rather more interest than we have done previously.

    As for turning down the corners of books.....any books .... sacrilege...oh, dear no!!

  2. You know, I never really thought about matching my bookmarks to my book, but now that you mention's just a brilliant idea! I love your collection!

    I usually just grab any old thing -- envelope with grocery list, post-it note, birthday card, whatever is on the table handy to use as a book mark.

  3. Jane and Lance: I know, I know, I feel so guilty when I dog-ear even an old bleary paperback. Hence my bookmark collection to the rescue!

    One of the key things about bookmark collections is that bookmarks are so easy to...well, collect. Plus I think they're fun.

    There are some very clever designers out there putting these things together - throw-away art if you really want to think about it. Except I don't throw them away. :)

  4. Joanne: No, no, a nice bookmark does wonders for your reading aura. HA! All together now: No more grocery lists or torn envelopes!

  5. I love your collection, Yvette! I always pick up bookmarks at the Brooklyn public library and every now and then break down and buy one. Oprah magazine often had nice ones with quotes on them that you could punch out included in every issue.

  6. I would take them if I could ever keep track of them. Although I do have this psychodelic fish one that I've had around for at least few months now. I dog-ear (my bad).

  7. I'm sorry to say that I've never heard of someone having special bookmarks for certain books. No wait! That makes you unique and unique is a good thing!

  8. I love bookmarks and I use them but I don't have a lot. I never see a ton of them that just scream out to me.

  9. I love bookmarks but do not have a collection. I am on the local library board. One year to promote the library we invited elementary school students to submit pictures they had drawn and coloured. We had one printed up. It was wonderful with purples and greens. Patrons loved the bookmarks we handed out promote the library.

  10. I guess have a collection of bookmarks, too. I get them all the time from used bookstores and at used book sales. I keep all of them on a shelf by my pens and pencils. I also pick them up in regular bookstores if I see any that look eye catching. These would be the freebie advertisements for other books similar to some I see in your photo. The only customizing I do is in size. Most of the bookmarks I get are too long for the vintage paperbacks (I read them. I do! It's a sin to some people, I know.) and I need smaller ones that I keep in a special place.

    I have to say I'm envious of the "Mystery!" bookmark - the Edward Gorey one for the TV series. Looks like it's about 13 years old. I can see the year 1998 there. Have any extras?

  11. I have some very pretty but often not terribly functional bookmarks, as well as tons of paper bookmarks. I was just thinking that some of them are pieces of history, like the one for the Doubleday Book Shops that I don't think exist anymore. Art museums can be good places to get lovely free bookmarks done up for special exhibits.

  12. I have two nice plastic bookmarks, one of flowers, the other of a lounging polar bear.

    I also have a slew of cardboard ones from Partners and Crime.

    They all reside in my nightstand, a proper distance from the books, and easily reached when needed.

    I admit I have dogeared (Rocky: don't read this) book pages, but I turned over a new leaf years ago.

    However, I practically insist on the arrest of anyone who puts books on the floor, especially turned over on an open me the chills.

  13. Pat: I LOVE museum bookmarks: HINT!
    Ha! I was looking through the pile after I wrote the post and realized: yeah, I have quite a few interesting ones. I get a kick out the bookmarks I collected back years ago when I used to work at a bookstore. The romance novel ones are especially fun. But I have to say, my favorite one of all my bookmarks and one I seldom use because I don't want to damage it is a bright red fire engine bookmark cut in the shape of the actual truck. I have that one up on one of my bulletin boars. :)

  14. BookBelle: Confession is good for the soul: Dog earring is not. HA!

    I lose track of them too, sometimes. That's why when they're free, I always grab more than one. :)

  15. Lisa: Well, now you have heard of someone who has special bookmarks. There's always a first time for everything. :)

    Am I that unique?

    I hope so. ;)

  16. Ryan: Really, they're only special if the moment makes them so. Don't you think? If the bookmarks mean nothing to you, then they're not special. They're just bits of paper. :)

    That's how I look at it anyway.

  17. Bill: Nice of you to drop by and join in the bookmark chatter. Promotion bookmarks are such fun. Especially ones created by kids. My library had something like that a while back. Bookmarks from kids' drawing. They were wonderful. I love anything library-related. :)

  18. John: I can't even remember where I got the Gorey Mystery one. I'll check through the pile when I have a moment. If I have an extra I'll definitely send it your way. :)

    One of the bookmarks I use when I'm reading vintage shows a pix of old typewriter keys. See - theme - connection. Get it? Ha.

    Some people collect vintage and never read them. Jeez. I don't think I'd have the willpower. Or maybe I'd buy a 'reading' copy and leave the vintage NEVER to be touched. Doubtful. Extremely doubtful. :)

  19. Joan: Exhibit bookmarks are the best! And yes, some bookmarks are pieces of history. Absolutely.

    My camera broke down or I would have taken some more pix of the specific bookmarks I have in the collection. Soon as I get my hands on a new camera, I'll do just that.

    I'm going to check and see if I have any that might classify as 'pieces of history' - you've given me an idea. :)

    Well, the 'Mystery' one does, for sure.

  20. Kathy: You're practically already a collector!

    Dog-earring, we're ALL guilty. HA!

    Mystery bookstore bookmarks are very nice. Whenever I buy a book from Seattle Mystery Bookstore (or a kind friend sends me a prezzie) they always include their own special red bookmarks. LOVE them.

  21. John: Found an extra 'mystery' bookmark. Will email for the pertinent info.


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