Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Reasons Why I Like Being A Blogger.

Top Ten Tuesday is a Weekly Meme hosted by the gals over at THE BROKE AND THE BOOKISH. Every week it's a new literary theme song. This week,  in honor of B and B's one year Blog-O-Versary, we're to write  the Top Ten Reasons Why I Like Being A Blogger.

Coincidentally, my one year Blog-O-Versary is coming up in July, so this subject is now very near and dear to my heart. (I'll be having my own little Thank You Giveaway next month - so stay tuned for that.) In the meantime, be sure and check in at THE BROKE AND THE BOOKISH to see what other bloggers are saying about this week's theme.

In the meantime: here are my very own TOP TEN REASONS WHY I LOVE BLOGGING.

Reason Number One:  To be frank, I love talking about books and films and art and anything else that strikes my fancy,  mainly because I'm the sort of person who enjoys giving my opinions about anything and everything (even if no one asks) so I like to think that blogging was practically invented for me.

Reason Number Two: I enjoy being part of an online blogging community which has shown itself to be a welcoming place of writers and opinionaters who not only enjoy talking about their favorite books, films and whatnot, but are ready, willing and gracious enough to accept the work of this new kid on the block. (Even a year in, I still feel 'new,' still 'feeling my way.') I mean, who am I? I wondered at the beginning if anyone would care enough to want to read what I had to say about anything. But it turns out that people are liking what I do and let's face it, acceptance is a very soothing balm.

Reason Number Three: I am thrilled to meet and greet other bloggers with similar interests online, while hoping that at some point in the future, we will actually get to meet in 'real' life. But if not,  the truth is that just from reading their blogs, I already feel as if I know many of these bloggers. The question is: Who knew there were this many fun people abroad in the world? People who love the same sort of  esoteric things I do? Surprise!

Reason Number Four: Reading the work of other bloggers has sparked my imagination and broadened my own horizons. Books only vaguely lurking on the periphery of my mind have now captured my attention and inclination. Mount To-Be-Read has reached Matterhorn proportions! Books I might never have seriously thought about reading are now regularly brought home from the library by yours truly. And while some have been duds, others have have been true 'finds'. Needless to say, it has been a humbling experience as well since I'd always thought of myself as being a pretty well-read person. Little did I know.

Reason Number Five: I am such a lover of vintage books and films and I am so thankful that  blogging has put me in touch with the most delightful people who share this love of mine. Go figure. Hey, if you thought at any time in your life that you were unique - blogging will quickly disabuse you of this notion. And this is not a bad thing. Entirely. Ha!

Reason Number Six: Blogging helps me - one of the most scatter-brained people I know - to necessarily focus my attention on one book, one subject, at a time. It also helps me, a person already burdened with 'old lady memory' to keep more of what I read active in my brain for a longer period of time. (Just don't expect miracles.) Blogging helps me compartmentalize which, I think, can be a very good thing.

Reason Number Seven: Blogging about films has also put me in touch with film lovers who, at the drop of a film-sprocket, will recommend their favorite movies - some of which I have never heard of before and can't wait to dial up on Netflix. Not only that, but reading some of the in-depth movie recommendations has taught me a thing or two or three about movies - known or unknown - that I had just never stopped to think about before.  In a way, it's a brand new world out there even if you are mostly talking old movies.

Reason Number Eight: I can be as nerdy or as bookish or as eclectic as I like and there will always be someone out there who will, in general, know what I'm talking about. And while all this 'talking' is going on, most importantly, I am exercising my writing chops. I do enjoy writing and blogging is a way of writing every day because if you're not writing, you're not a writer. Wise words I saw on a blog somewhere. (Didn't say my memory was now perfect.)

Reason Number Nine: I like hearing from authors I've written about. When this first happened, I was thrilled. I've worked with authors before, so why I was so taken aback that any one of them might read my blog and make a comment, I don't know, but I was. Either they post a comment or contact me by email and of course, I think of this as a real perk because when it comes to books, I can be a total groupie. Ha!

Reason Number Ten: I know next to nothing about computers and what they can and cannot do. When it comes to this thing with a screen sitting on my desk,  I am hopelessly over-matched. The littlest kindergartener knows more about computers than I do. And yet, here I am.  I have a blog and I am managing it day to day - well, with my brilliant daughter's help and much hand holding it's true, but hey, I'm still here. Blogging forces you to learn technical stuff even if you had no mind to learn anything remotely technical going in. Blogging FORCES you to learn new things. That can't be all bad. Ha!


  1. Hello Yvette:
    What you neglect to say here is how generous you are with your time towards others, how completely unselfish you are in what you do, say and write, and how you are always ready to share your not inconsiderable knowledge of books, films and, indeed, the 'arts' with others. Your blog is one of the new found joys of our lives.

  2. Oh, Jane and Lance, thank you for your very kind words. I'm speechless. :)

    It is 'meeting' people like you that makes blogging worthwhile.

  3. Very well said. I am sure you will inspire numerous readers of your blog to take up blogging.

  4. Thanks, Bill! I don't think I've ever talked much about blogging and how much I enjoy it. Anyone who is thinking of doing it should just take the plunge. :)

  5. I for one am very glad that you found blogging and that I found your blog. You quickly became one of my favorites.

  6. I unequivocally join in to say that I, too, am very happy that you decided to begin a blog almost a year ago, Yvette! I've learned so much from you and I always look forward to what you have to share...sometimes more than once a day! :)

  7. Thank you Ryan. I'm glad you found me too. :) And I am equally glad I found your blog as well.

  8. Pat: Thanks so much, kiddo. I'm learning tons of stuff from your blog too. You know how I love your wonderful photos. :)

  9. It's a handsome and well-written blog, as your other colleagues note, as well as one demonstrating a breadth of spirit. Glad you're finding it (usually!) uplifting.

  10. Love, love, love your blog, Yvette! It's beautiful and well-written. I look forward to wishing you a happy blogoversary in July! (A very good month to be born in, trust me, I know.)

    You're definitely one of the wonderful people I've met out here in the blogging world!

  11. Found your blog through Top Ten Tuesday and I'm so so so glad I did! We have quite a lot in common :) Great list and very very well put!

    New follower and looking forward to seeing more.

  12. Your blog is just terrific and just so much fun. I know when I check in that I'll learn something -- and laugh.

    And my TBR list is now even larger and my list of movies to be seen has grown exponentially.

    Thanks for introducing me to new authors; there are so many new to me whose books I'm trying for the first time.

    And thanks for spurring on a revisit to Archie and the gang, wouldn't have thought to reread this series, but I'm enjoying it and have also added a friend to the Wolfe pack. (And she likes Robert Crais, too, which is a suggestion from this blog.)

    And thanks for loading up my movie to be viewed list; there's always something on library reserve of movies. And I so enjoy trying new ones (to me anyway).

    And thanks for the lovely artwork, poems and quotes. Always glad to look at new-to-me artists' works.

    And thanks for the hilarious (I'm still laughing) two-part review of As the Woman in White Turns. I think you need a publisher for your book reviews! (And I can't wait to read the Donna Leon reviews and commentary while you're visiting Venice.)

    Congratulations on your almost-a-year of blogging, and look forward to much more in the coming year.

  13. All great reasons to love blogging! I love that you can blog about something random or nerdy, no matter what it is, and there's going to be someone else out there who knows what you mean. It's a great bookish community.

  14. Thanks, Todd. I think I have fun with my blogging and I think, I hope it shows. :)

  15. Bev: You're a peach. Thanks so much. This is a mutual admiration society, for sure. I'm always checking to see what new challenge you're succombed to lately. :)

    And constantly amazed that you can keep track of them!

  16. Laura: I love the Top Ten Tuesday meme too! Thanks for dropping by and for the kind comments. I must say, the name of your blog is very intriguing and fun! :)

  17. Kathy: Thanks so much, kiddo. As one of my most faithful bloggers I'm always curious to know what you think of my latest posting. I'm glad I'm able to introduce you to 'new' books and films and re-introduce you to older classics, i.e. Archie and the gang. :)

    I think we've made Rex Stout very happy. Wherever he may be.

  18. Red: Exactly. No matter how esoteric, there's bound to be someone out there who knows a thing or two about you're talking about. It's great fun. And yes, it is definitely a community. :)

  19. "Hey, if you thought at any time in your life that you were unique - blogging will quickly disabuse you of this notion. And this is not a bad thing. Entirely. Ha!"

    Cracked me up. I have to say that reading your blog more than any other I feel like you are talking to me, Yvette. Some people have blog personas and have an artificial or enhanced writing style that is adopted to help create the aura. But I really think that you talk just like this. Don't shatter my illusions if I'm wrong.

  20. John, I am so pleased you think that this is how I 'sound'.
    Actually, I do. That's what I was hoping for - a blog that 'sounds' like me. This is pretty much it, kiddo. Ha!


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