Monday, June 6, 2011

You don't know HOW MUCH you'll miss something until it's gone...!

Well, theoretically I know you need water to live and that I'd probably miss it really quickly if it were gone. (NO 'probably' about it.) Here's my chance to find out. Serious water main break in my town today. But here's the kicker, no one told us about it until it was well advanced. 

IF I'D KNOWN ABOUT IT I COULD HAVE FILLED MY BATHTUB WHILE I STILL HAD SOME FREAKIN' WATER!!! Until a neighbor across the street called I thought the loss in water pressure was simply my upstairs neighbor taking an extra long bath or shower. (Even though I couldn't hear them moving about.) Didn't know it was actually a break until I had NO WATER AT ALL!!! That's when the town called. Oh, better late than never!

Lesson learned: next time you lose water pressure, Yvette, don't think twice - RUN TO THE BATHROOM AND FILL THE TUB IMMEDIATELY!!!

See that old woman carrying books home from the library while covered in grime? That would be me. HA!


  1. Know the feeling. We have water cuts all the time!

  2. What a pain!! I am so NOT used to doing without the modern conveniences - like WATER!!!

    I'm trying to remain philosophical here. It's notworking...!

  3. Omigosh! No way! Horrible problem to have.

    Time to dive into the books for distraction and entertainment.

  4. When we lived in New Hampshire, our well ran dry and it took a week to have a new one drilled. Fortunately, it was the country and it rained and my husband and I took a bar of soap into the yard and lathered up! Truly, though, living without water makes you much more sympathetic to people who routinely have little to no water. Water is life, and without it .....

  5. Kathy: We're supposed to have our water back by tonight....Waiting, waiting, waiting....!

  6. Joan: The funny thing is: the part they need to fix the break has to come from Texas!! So this morning they're supposed to pick it up at the airport. (They never heard of Fed-Exp? They deliver right to your door!!!) and then spend 4 or 5 hours fixing whatever needs fixing. All I know is: I NEED A FREAKIN' SHOWER!!!! Ha!

  7. I hope that didn't take long to repair! The main water treatment plant here is in danger of flooding; I'm afraid I may end up with no water myself!

  8. One day last year, I was doing laundry when my whole house started to smell like chlorox. I wasn't using bleach, so I couldn't figure it out. It was only when I read it on a friend's Facebook page, I discovered the city was having a problem with the amount of chlorine in the town's water supply. She had called the water department about the smell. When I called the water department to ask if there was any danger, I got a very casual "of course not," as if I should know better than the question the water department. Incidently, the whole area smelled like bleach for several more days. We continued to bathe in the water, but I made an ironclad rule at home that no one was to drink water from the tap for a while.

  9. Interesting. And they make you feel 'dumb' for questioning them. Yeah. Been there.

    I never drink the tap water in my town even though it's supposed to be safe. I drink bottled. It's a necessary expense for me - not a luxury. Even my dog drinks bottled.

    Right now we've been told to boil all the water even before brushing. I mean - huh?

    But with the recent break - I'm paying attention. :)


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