Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some Gorgeous Covers (Just to refresh your spirits.)

Since the previous post showed some of my least favorite covers. I thought a post showing some of my very favorite covers was called for.


  1. These are wonderful, Yvette! Unfortunately, with too many of today's books, I'm seeing a lot of copycat illustrations and generic photos and rather unimaginative layouts. These make the artist in me happy...

  2. These are so artistic, in the main. Love all the animals in the covers.

    With these covers, it looks like the artists read the books and are conveying a key essence of the book.

    With the bad covers, it's like they thought of any old design, relevant or not (artistic or not).

    I have a friend who designs book covers, and uses computer graphics, but she is very creative and always seems to come up with new designs or designs with photographs or bold colors and photographs. So it is possible, but she pays a lot of attention to what's between the pages.

  3. BV: They make me happy as well. :-)I love these. There really is no excuse for bad design. Copycat is the key today I'm afraid. Sometimes it's hard to tell one book from another.

  4. Kathy: There's nothing wrong with using computer graphics, as long as you use it creatively. Lots of terrific artists use computers for their work.
    If you read the manuscript first, you're bound to come up with something interesting. How hard could it be? :-)

  5. All of Brian Jacques books had beautiful covers. I was sad to hear of his death a few months ago.

    Do you own that copy of The Mysterious Mr. Quin? Or did you find the picture on-line somewhere. If you own it, take care of it. Not only is that one of the most gorgeous Christie DJs, the book with DJ is worth a small fortune!

  6. John: Don't I wish I owned that cover (and the book) - no, I saw it online a while back and loved it so much I added it to my picture folder.

    I posed about Brian Jacques' untimely death as well, John. A sad day. But at least we have all his books. And yes, the covers are almost all universally gorgeous! :)


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