Monday, April 11, 2011

It's National Library Week!

So don't forget to check out your local library - if you dont' use it, you lose it. You know how that goes. Thanks to BV Lawson at her blog, IN REFERENCE TO MURDER for the tip-off. Check out her Library post here and see what special-doings some libraries are up to this week.

I wouldn't know what I'd do without my local library. Most of the books I've been reading lately have come from there. When you're on a budget, the library is a God-send. Far as I'm concerned every kid should have a card and access to a library even in this brave new computer age.

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  1. Yes! Ode to libraries! One of the most essential services for us all.
    I got my library card in NYC when I was three years old, have never been without one ... can't even imagine that.
    We should all across the country join to object to any library closings, cuts in staff, hours, programs.

  2. Kathy: I got my card early too, thanks to my first grade teacher. I can't even imagine what my English would be like if I hadn't begun early on carting books home from the library.

  3. Sadly, I have had to ban myself from my library! I kept checking out tons of books then I didn't get them back in time because I wanted to finish them. At one point I had racked up a $50 fine! I could have bought several books for that.

  4. I agree the library is the world's best bargain! My local library branch is just a few blocks from where I live so I am a constant visitor! I made sure my children had their cards at a very young age and they enjoyed story time as tots and RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) when they were older.

  5. I have friends in Minnesota. When their twin sons were 3, 4 and 5, they were taken to the library, and took out huge stacks of books.

    Every weekday morning, their mother would be confronted by two young children armed with stacks of books they wanted read to them -- this was before 6 a.m. and before her first cup of morning coffee.

    Today, they are in high school, and they and their older sibling are readers.

  6. Lisa: I was racking up some fines as well. I Could never remember when they were due. So now I check on my computer and update regularly. Not foolproof though. HA! I also check Better World Books for used copies which are usually no more than a few dollars AND they ship for free.

  7. Pat: Libraries are the best bargains in any society. Think where we'd be without 'em. I shudder. Unfortunately, Congress has de-funded RIF. The President signed it too which I thought very short sighted of him. Reading and education are really NOT valued very highly in this country. Or so it seems.

  8. Kathy: Kids and books: a great combination! I used to work in a bookstore part time years ago and it always made me smile when kids came in who were enthusiastic readers.


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