Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Explanation: How to navigate my blog, in case you were wondering...

I thought I'd better offer some clues to how to find various posts on my blog since I've been informed that some of you are having trouble finding things here and there. You'll notice that I haven't got one of those long-winded Blog Archives with list upon list of previous blog entries. I know that would probably make things easier, but I just don't like the look of them. Plus it would disrupt my current blog design and I'm not convinced that it's entirely necessary. The truth is I rarely use this feature on any of the blogs I read.

What I've done instead is to post some links - with pictures - on the far right and far left of my blog. Just touch the picture and you'll be taken to the appropriate listing of posts. For instance: On the right-hand side-bar, there's a pix titled Movies, it will take you to all the posts I've done having to do with films, reviews, news, whatever. If it mentions movies in some way, it will usually show up there.

Same with Favorite Paintings. Just look on the right sidebar for the Favorite Paintings pix (a painting by Leighton) and that will take you to most of the art posts I've done.

The Music I Love pix (girl playing cello) will take you any posts I've done which include OR mention music in any way.

The 'Get Inspired' Pix on the right side-bar takes you to misc. posts having to do with book covers, design, crafts or anything else remotely having to do with design and graphics.

There's also a link to the work of artist Michael Sowa on the right sidebar (just click either of his paintings) and also to the wonderful Wyeth book: WONDROUS STRANGE, which I wrote about on a My Favorite Reads review.

On the left side-bar, I've grouped all the more book related posts. There's a Quotes pix which will take you all my Wednesday and other quotes. There's a Book Review pix with a woman at a typewriter which will take you to most of my Monday Book Reviews.

There's the My Favorite Reads post icon which will take you all those posts. The Fridays Forgotten Books icon will take you to those.

There's a Vintage pix with a vintage photo of a man with gun which will take you to most of my Vintage book reviews and/or news of any vintage related sort.

Then there's the self-explanatory 'separate page' box which will take you to the current compete list of books read in 2011 and books read in 2010 - both on the left side board.

On the left there are also various Challenge or Meme Icons which will take you to either/or.

As time goes on I'll try and include more navigation icons to make it easier to find anything you might be looking for.

Of course there are posts which defy categorization and for those, I'm afraid you'll have to just have to use the 'search the blog' thing at the very bottom of the blog and hope for the best. Or, if you have the patience, just scroll backwards on the blog. I've only been blogging since July of 2010 so it's not as if you have to delve into the prehistoric past. Ha!

As time goes by, though, I may change things around to simplify matters. But for now I think I like things the way they are. I hope you do too.


  1. Thanks for the explanation, Yvette - but I just love meandering around your blog., dipping in here, pausing there ...... 's wonderful !

  2. Thanks a bunch, Sue. Just wanted to clarify things a little. :-)


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