Friday, April 15, 2011

Is Spring About to Spring?

Only reason I ask is that I saw lavender plants on sale at the Shop Rite. Surely that's a sign of something. The pansy flats are not out yet though, so probably it's too early. I have lavender wintering over on my front porch but I can't tell if it made it through one of the worst winters on record. I keep looking for signs of bluishness, but so far nothing.

My lavender mix from last year. I love lavender, it's one of the few scents I'm NOT allergic to. I bring it indoors and dry it and I've been known to sprinkle it in the bureau drawers. It's such a pleasant, clean scent.

Illustration by Cicely Mary Barker.


  1. It's supposed to be spring here in the midwest, but Mother Nature keeps toying with us. In the 80's one day, and yesterday the wind chill was 36 degrees. Air conditioning on Monday, the heater on Tuesday. You're either sneezing from the pollen, or because you've caught cold. However, you can read in any weather and therefore life is good!

  2. I spoke too soon. Today I had to wear my winter coat to walk my dog. AND gloves. Crazy weather. But, you're right, great for reading! :-)


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