Friday, April 29, 2011

Nice Day for A Wedding...

...I wish them well. What are we but creatures of symbols and ceremony after all? I'll watch on youtube today and smile and pretend to believe in happily ever after. Occasionally, it does come true. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I like the sound of that.


  1. Check and NBC website- they all have full video of it too - maybe better quality than Youtube :)

  2. We sat and watched it all and really enjoyed it - they look so happy together.
    I'm not a 'rampant' Royalist but I have a soft spot for the immediate Royal family - esp. the ones who actually do something to earn their 'keep' by supporting charities and engaging in official fuctions in lieu of Her Maj.

    As for the 'freeloaders' and 'hangers-on' - show them the door!

    (I was mildly amused that they were 'bussed' between venues!)

  3. For a democratic American, I am as Royalist as you can get. It's part of my Anglophile dichotomy. Ha! I love the pomp and circumstance, can't help it. Those brightly uniformed guards on horseback...sigh! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Sounds good. Today I have blinders on. What the hell.


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