Saturday, April 30, 2011

40 Media Terms For Every Bookworm

It feels good and virtuous to suddenly be up on all the latest (some not so 'latest') phraseology. A few of these terms I admit I'd been curious about - just never curious enough to find out more. Now I don't have to. It's all here, in one handy little list. One of my favorite terms: picaresque. Gotta' love the look and the sound of it. You want to say picturesque, but you daren't. Kind of like wanting to say restauranteur for restaurateur. Know what I mean?

Thanks to Jon Winokur's 'Advice to Writers' Twitter link for the tip. Thanks to for the orginal post.
The inimitable Calvin and Hobbes cartoons are by the inimitable Bill Watterson of which more can be read about here. I admit I got misty when the comic strip came to an end.


  1. This is a great listing of terms. And I like the cartoon; even though it's satirical, there is truth in it. Things get so more complicated when written, then in verbal explanations.

    If i can figure out how to copy and send this cartoon, there are some editors and copyeditors I know who would enjoy it.

  2. Kathy: Just pick it up from the google Calvin and Hobbes images page. You'll have to hunt around on it, but it's there. :) Long live Calvin and Hobbes!!


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