Thursday, April 7, 2011

...and speaking of MYSTERIES.

PARIS BREAKFASTS, hosted by the one and only blogger/artist/photographer extraordinaire, Carol Gillott, is a favorite blog of mine because with it I get to visit Paris vicariously several times a year. Well, recently Carol went over to Venice for a short holiday and took her camera. Now back in the USA, she's been posting about her recent trip.

Today's post, entitled DONNA LEON'S VENICE is especially wonderful because it includes not only great photos, but comments on one of mystery's best writers: Donna Leon. She is the American - originally from New Jersey (living in Venice) author of the Commissario Brunetti series set of course, in Venice. Carol includes a link to an interview with Donna Leon. Take a look. Photo by Carol Gillott.


  1. Yes, I do love Donna Leon's books, especially Paola Brunette and Signorina Elettra, as well as liking Guido Brunetti and his sidekick, Vianello, a very good guy.

    These photos are lovely, am sending the link to friends who have been in Venice and looked for Brunetti landmarks; they like her books much.

    The interview is an older one I read a few times; it was printed before a Leon book published in 2003, however, I enjoyed reading it again.

    Leon's new book is out, and I must get my hands on it -- without buying it, of course.

  2. Kathy: I promised myself that this summer I'm going to do a Donna Leon BINGE!! By the way, I love Paris Breakfasts blog, I check it out every day.


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