Thursday, April 14, 2011

National Bookmobile Day...

...was actually yesterday, so I'm a day late. My only excuse: it was on the 14th last year. So - honest confusion. The Bookmobile. Does the idea bring back memories? I found these two posts about a service I thought had long since gone the way of the dodo. But apparently not. I can imagine that in out-of-the-way localities (note the Camel Library), the Bookmobile would really serve a purpose -even in a modern world with computers in almost every household. Link to one post by the Smithsonian Magazine. Link to another post by A Pretty Book.


  1. I love the bookmobiles. My favorite has got to be the one brought by camel; where is that, I wonder.

    Always being closed to a library, I never experienced a bookmobile coming to the neighborhood, wish that I had.

    Now, if everyone in the world had access to books at a library or bookmobile with free books, the world would be a different place.
    It would undoubtedly increase literary, too.

  2. Kathy: For sure,Kathy. I admire those people who work at bringing books to out of the way places by hook or by crook. I know in South America there are places where llamas bring the books. I've never experienced a bookmobile either but it looks like fun.

  3. We do have them here in remote areas of England, but they are called mobile libraries, which doesn't have such a ring! 'Parnassus on Wheels' by Christopher Morley is an excellent short novel written in 1917 about just such a service in America - I think you'd enjoy it.

  4. Michelle: No it doesn't have the same 'ring'. ;)
    I have read the Morley novel and LOVE it! There's also a kind of sequel, THE HAUNTED BOOKSHOP - it's wonderful too.


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