Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day - A Little Early

The great mystery blog, In Reference to Murder has some fab Prequels to Valentine lists for fun reading and viewing. Check them out.


  1. Hi Yvette
    That was fun to read. When I first began blogging I used to make lists of web links like this that fit a I don't seem to have the time to surf around the web quite as much. Did the Bronx Zoo's "name a cockroach" idea for Valentine's Day also leave you scratching your head in disbelief? HA!

  2. Pat, that's one of my favorite blogs. They usually have somthing interesting going on. These sorts of things are fun to know about when you don't have much to say otherwise. Been busy all weekend so don't have much to say yet. Tomorrow I'll be back, raring to go.

    Well, 'name a cockroach' might be a little something that you might remember if that were someone's idea of a love token. Ha. Flowers are soon forgotten, but cockroaches...well, they live forever.

  3. Oh my gosh!!
    What's my photo doing on this post. Guess I finally made hollywood.


  4. Yvonne: Isn't thse special? Ha! If you are her twin, you will go far in Hollywood! ;)

  5. ...of course, I meant 'this'. Jeez.


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