Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fashion Week - Just a peek.

A Fun event that presents itself otherwise. But then, I suppose if millions of dollars in retail sales are on the line, then some seriousness is called for. But honestly, people, it's not brain surgery nor is it rocket science. Still, I admit, I'm a sucker for it all. Carolina Herrera had a dress that knocked me out - the combo of colors was breath-taking. Possibly one of the most gorgeous dresses I've EVER seen in my life. (Couldn't lift it off the slide show - it's the tri-color one near the end with the blue strapless top.) OMG! What a dress! In certain hands, fashion can often reach the level of art.

I loved the Rachel Roy collection and the Y-3 collection. And even without seeing it, I KNOW I'll love the Ralph Lauren collection. Very few fashion houses can do Fall like Lauren. Well, truth to tell, very few houses can do Spring and Summer like Lauren. They are still my favorites. Can't wait to see the latest collection.

I'm one of those people who LOVES Fall and Winter clothing. Love the romance of bundling up, wrapping up, scarves flowing, men in 'great' coats and capes and top hats (not wearing that much today, but it's the whole idea of 'cutting a dashing figure' that I like). Lauren understands this best, I think. I love coats and scarves and boots and plaids and tweeds and combos of brown and gray and tan and olive and leather gloves and bags in all sorts of bright colors for contrast. Nothing much ever REALLY changes, but I always look forward to the Fall shows nonetheless.

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