Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quote / Unquote

I like this approach. Words to live by.

This wonderful tea towel (and quote) came to my attention at content in a cottage. It is the work of studiopatro, designers of linens, aprons, bags and other assorted fabric kitchen paraphernalia. Their mantra: Just Be Splendid.

As I said, I like the approach.


  1. It is a wonderful saying that suits you perfectly, Yvette! I've learned so much about many of these same things from reading your interesting and informative blog!

    PS: We are "battening down the hatches" here, waiting for the hurricane ... we live near the southern coast of Brooklyn, which is the western most part of Long Island. The predicted storm surge is disconcerting. Let's pray it won't be as bad as predicted!

  2. Thanks, Pat. :) Yes, the quote spoke to me instantly.

    Oh dear, I'm hoping and praying the hurricane merely skims your neck of the woods. Take good care, m'dear.

    I'm not worried here except that we'll probably get some heavy rain and wind. Lucky for me, Rocky isn't afraid of weather.

    Well, except he refuses to do his 'business' in pouring rain.

    Could be worse. He could be a Great Dane. Ha!

  3. Yvette, lovely motto, -- I'd have to mount that tea towel on the wall or something - much too lovely to use!

    My youngest son gave me a beautiful stone plaque for Christmas that I really believe to be a wonderful description of lfe:
    "I Love This Crazy, Tragic, Sometimes Almost Magic, Awful, Beautiful Life."

  4. I love that quote also. I -- being a compulsive editor -- would add
    "sunny days, dogs, cats, chirping birds, jazz, flowers, friends, sisters."

    Privately, I'd add Venice, pasta and seafood, cafe and biscotti. But that's for those of us who are fans of the Brunettis.

  5. Well, it sure beats "be lazy" all to heck. I have to rethink my entire life!

  6. Becky: I'd hang it up too. I love that quote from your son's gift as well. Wonderful.

  7. Kathy: Me too. We'd run out of space on the towel. :)

  8. Caftan Woman: HA! You are too funny. Listen, I have those days as well. I'd turn the tea towel quote to the wall and veg. out. :)

  9. I saw this tea towel a couple of weeks ago and put it on my Amazon wish list. I just love it!

  10. This company makes such wonderful linens. Great minds think alike, Lauren. :)

  11. I forgot to add one thing and must: chocolate.

  12. Kathy we're going to need a tea towel as big as the kitchen! Ha!


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