Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Decorations at My House

I thought I'd share a bit of the personal decorating I do at my place around the holidays. (I'll post a few pix today and some more tomorrow.) I don't go all out anymore, no big live tree anymore. I do a kind of quiet decorating, tucked in here and there, which works very nicely for Rocky and me. I love looking in on some of the blogs and seeing all the remarkable decorating bloggers do in their own homes - it is absolutely magical. And the tablescapes, oh my goodness. There's a lot of beautiful design joy being spread about this time of year. Fun to read about, fun to view. When it comes to Christmas decorations, I never get tired of seeing what everyone else is doing. Never get tired of listening to my favorite Christmas carols, especially by the Boston Pops.

  • The first little 'tree' is the one I always place in my living room. I've just noticed that Rocky squished the pillow in the chair - oh well, it gives it that 'lived-in' quality I like.

  • The 'Merry Christmas' sign hanging over the French veterinary poster is made of wood. I like it so much I leave it up all year round in my entryway.

  • The little glitter snowman resides on my kitchen bookshelf this Christmas. I usually just put him wherever a corner needs a little sprucing up.

  • The little tree in the Raggedy Ann bucket is my kitchen tree.

  • The next pix is my mantle. Obviously I do not believe that 'less is more'. To me, more is more. Ha!

  • I always keep the gold framed picture of my late parents on the mantle. It looks nice tucked in among the greenery and my white dove.

  • Close-up of dove and 'bird's nest'.

  • I've had the Nativity creche for many years. It's very modern-looking, kind of Scandinavian. (I think that's where it comes from.) I've never seen another like it.

  • Greenery on a living room bookshelf.


  1. I like the little trees so very very much and having photographs ofyour parents is such a nice warm touch.

  2. Mystica: Thanks for stopping by today. Glad you like my trees. Yes, I love that little picture of my parents together. I think it's my favorite of them both. My mother passed away in 2008, she was 88. My father passed away seven years ago, he was nearly 90 as well. I told my brother: we're orphans now. He said: we can't be orphans at our age. But that's how I feel.

  3. Beautiful! You're decorations really blend in wonderfully.

  4. Thanks so much, Lisa. I don't do tons of seasonal stuff, but I try to do a bit here and there. When it stops being fun, I stop. :)

  5. Your Christmas decorations look wonderful Yvette. I really like decorations tucked away here and there, it's like a little treasure trove. Do you ever forget to collect them all up after the season is over, and then find a nice little surprise somewhere later in the new year? I've done that...

  6. Booklover Book Reviews: Thanks, I really do appreciate your kind words. And yes to tell you the truth, I usually do forget something. But I don't mind. A few of my little treasures I leave out just because. There are a few things in my kitchen (I'll post tomorrow)that I purposely leave out all year. Just happy things.

  7. Lovely decorations in your obviously very lovely home. I am trying to read the titles on all the book spines!

  8. Ha! I thought about that when I took the picture. I have bookcases in every room in the house except the bathroom so it's hard NOT to take a picture where books don't show up in some way. Thanks for the compliment, I live in a small place but I like lots of things around me. Not for everyone I'm sure, but it suits me. ;)


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