Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Beautiful Blog: Chemin et Jardins

You must, you simply MUST take a look at this incredibly gorgeous blog: CHEMINS ET JARDINS. Yes, it's in French, but you can make out some of the words - it's not exactly rocket science. I don't speak or read much of it, but I manage a word or two. (You can use google Translate - if you like, but to my mind that takes part of the fun out of it.) For me, it's the pictures that speak. Please scroll down and look at the beautiful nativity figures - oh my goodness, they are wonderful. Music and blogs don't generally go together for me, but this blog is one of the rare exceptions. I could spend hours here just going through all the photos and dreaming about beautiful places I've never been. (Don't forget to check out previous posts and Sacha's other blogs.)


  1. Unlike coming to New York France is always on my list!!! so thank you for this as well.

  2. Oh lucky you! I've always wanted to visit Paris but the one time I had the chance, I postponed thinking, surely, at some point in the future I could plan another trip. But I never did. I visit Paris and Provence all the time though, on the beautiful blogs I visit. It's ALMOST as good. :)


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