Thursday, December 9, 2010

La Neige Is Falling in Paris

Over at Peter's Paris, the wonderful blog full of photos of daily life in Paris, you can see that the city is blanketed in snow. I hear that England has gotten snow as well and all of Europe is at a standstill - more or less. Doesn't seem like that much snow, but I guess they're not as used to it as we are. It certainly is beautiful though. Perfect for the holidays.


  1. Ahh, I love those daily photo blogs! I follow one that showcases a daily photo of Rome...I might need to really get going and move on over there!

    This picture is just beautiful with the deep golds and reds of the leaves amidst the snow -- love it!

  2. Yvette - We had beautiful winter scenes earlier in the week (like the pic's I showed on my blog, which you can use here if you want).

    Our snow's gone, here in the centre of the country, but although it's thawing up in Scotland it's still causing trouble for motorists!

    The problem with the UK not coping with what might seem 'insignificant' amounts is that we get weather like that so infrequently that most drivers haven't the experience of road-handling/driving in extreme conditions, and very few go to the bother of using snow tyres etc.

    Also, being a small and over-populated island (close the borders for a bit, I say!) the roads are easily congested, so the gritting lories can't get through to treat the road-surfaces!

    Some places have had a couple of feet of snow - quite an unusual 'dump' for the UK, at any rate!

  3. Coffee and a Book Chick: I wonder if it's snowing in Italy too. Snow in the Coliseum - nice. According to Peter's blog they close the parks in Paris (!?) when it snows. How odd is that?

  4. Sue H: Excuses, excuses. Ha! Two feet of snow in England IS A BIG DEAL, indeed. We haven't had ANY snow here so far. Go figure.

    Snow tires should be required anyway, if you're going to drive on motor ways. It's obvious the weather patterns are changing. Don't you think?


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