Friday, December 3, 2010

A Collection I Love

Over at the beautiful blog Manon 21 (written in French and I try very hard though not too successfully to read it thus, not opting for the translation - if there is one) I spotted this charming collection of little 'tchotkes' (I think that's how it's spelled) filling in what looks to be a printers drawer though it could be something else. I remember years and years ago some of us often bought the ubiquitous (then) printers's drawers in order to fill in each cubby with little somethings-or-others. Not so much anymore.

Anyway, when I saw this I instantly fell in love with the look of all these little whatevers tucked neatly into their own little space. I just love it to pieces.

Not sure if she displays all this just at Holiday time, but if it were me I'd have this up on the wall or wherever all year round.
If you've seen the pix of my work area at home, you know I collect 'tchotkes' as well - my daughter rolles her eyes a lot - I can't seem to help myself, there's just something so comforting about these sorts of collections.


  1. My mom gave me one of the printers drawers years ago to display the smaller pieces in my frog collection. I still love the look of it but I'm really loving how this one is really filled. It may be time to pick up some new frogs!

  2. Oh, it's ALWAYS time to add to your collections. :)


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