Friday, December 17, 2010

Roger Ebert Picks 10 + Best Films of 2010

I'm not much for modern films, but nevertheless I try to pay attention to what Roger Ebert is saying and thinking about today's films. I like his Best Of picks, not because I've seen any of them (I wait for Netflix) but because just reading his opinion/synopsis paragraphs, they sound like actual movies with actual stories - well, except for a couple. And I like what he has to say about the films themselves, he actually has reasons that make sense (within the context) and the choices don't seem too impossibly esoteric, unlike other reviewers. The three I can't wait to see: SECRETARIAT, I AM LOVE, THE KING'S SPEECH. MONSTERS, maybe. The rest, I may or may not.

But still, I like reading what Ebert has to say about 'em.

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