Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Snow is Falling!

For the first time this winter in northern New Jersey, we're seeing snow. They're saying near-blizzard conditions for the eastern sea board, but we're fifty miles inland, so we'll have to wait and see what happens. It's actually still at its 'pretty' stage (though coming down hard and the wind blowing) - I'm not complaining. Rocky and I are home, snug as two bugs in a rug.

My family and I had a fabulous Christmas - it was little Julianna's first! Ah, the opening of the presents, the tearing of tissue paper, the waving of said tissue paper in the air, the squeals of joy! (And that was from the adults, so you can imagine....) Julianna was, at first, bemused by all the excitement, but after a few moments, she joined in enthusiastically - what a sweetheart. I don't know who had more fun. I think it was fifty/fifty! Photos will follow, soon as my daughter gets a moment to download the pix from my camera to my computer. (I am incapable.)

Meant to mention: there were three dogs - a chihuahua, a Jack Russell mix and a Havanese in attendance Christmas morning - they all behaved exceptionally well. (We'll gloss over one little incident of a suspicious liquid on the floor....)

For those of you having to travel these next few days, my heart goes out to you. But it had to happen sometime - the snow I mean - it is not an exceptional occurrence that it should snow in the winter. I hope you all reach your destinations safe and sound and with, at least, a modicum of good will.


  1. Boxing day is also over here in Melbourne but things are still very slooow! Everyone is so relaxed.

  2. Relaxing day here as well. The snow is falling but traffic seems light. I suppose most people are staying put and just enjoying the day. The sanding trucks are out, I can here the jingle jangle of their machinery now and then. A nice sound, especially at night. Happy holidays, Mystica.

  3. Boxing Day is drawing to a close here in the UK - tomorrow and Tuesday are national Bank Holidays so 'normal' life won't kick in until halfway through the week! We still have snow, but no fresh precipitations in our neck of the woods since last Wednesday.

    Much fun has been had by we parents and our two grown up offspring - board-games, giggling and plenty of food and drink - as usual, present opening was interrupted by the Queen's speech (there was a jaw-droppingly large amount of wrapping paper all over the floor!) and we are steadily working our way through Dvd's whilst we are all together.

    I see from the BBC NEws, Yvette, that the weather is looking dire in your part of the world. I haven't heard from my cousin in NH since before Chrsitmas, when he said that their son (only child) would not be able to join them from Pittsburg due to lack of flights and a prohibitively long drive :-(

    Looking forward to the pics of baby Julianna's first Christmas!

  4. Sue: Yes, we're having our first snow storm of the season! I feel sorry for travelers caught up in it. But Rocky and I are enjoying it from the warmth and comfort of our home - we only venture forth for his little ablutions.

    I'm glad to hear the snow has given you guys a break. Good news.

    We watched IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE and A CHRISTMAS CAROL and had a great time Christmas Eve and Christmas day opening what seemed like millions of packages!

    Can't wait to share my pix of Julianna. I think it will probably be tomorrow sometime. :)

    I'll also report on my Book Loot tomorrow!

  5. Meant to wish you all a Happy Boxing Day as well! Sounds like it was a good one!

  6. I am in Minnesota we have had snow and are looking at a possible blizzard the end of this week.

  7. Hi Sheila: Please don't send your blizzard our way! The snow was fast and furious yesterday, but the sun was out today. The streets are already clear. BUT, the wind is cruel!


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