Thursday, December 16, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my daughter!!!

Yes, Skye shares the day with Jane Austen - obviously December 16th is a very important date history-wise. Two great women born on this day hundreds of years apart. My daughter is a new mom this year, so this will be her first birthday as a mother. (My first grandchild!) I couldn't be prouder of my daughter, she is a good, kind, compassionate, intelligent person with a heart as big as the ocean. She is, also, the best mom ever. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Skye: I wish you and your hubby and brand new daughter nothing but joy.

Here's the link to Skye's fabulous blog, FIRST TIME MAMA, FIRST TIME BLOGGER.


  1. Thanks! I just posted a 40th bday blog earlier...


  2. Two minds with but a single thought. Ha. I just linked it over. ;)

  3. Happy day to you also!!! when did our girls get so big??? seems like yesterday they were play on the steps outside the apartments!! or dressing up Harry!! BUT they are both strong , young women and I am so happy for Skye that she has a wonderful husband and a beautiful new baby !!! love all of you !!! Judy

  4. Time flies!! Love back you, Judy!! :)


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