Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pardon me while I tinker...

I want to warm up the blog colors for the next few dreary months of winter. Occasionally I can't tell if I really like something until I live with it for a while. So I beg your indulgence while I futz around with in so many words...


  1. Experiment your heart out, Ms. Yvette. You know that I am a professional futzer myself! (It's looking good at this point...)

  2. Yes, I think I'm okay with it for now.

    The problem is that I've learned how to change the header. So, anything's possible. Ha!

    Next thing I have to learn is how to use backgrounds OTHER than google.

  3. I have no idea how to do anything with a header. I have no idea how to do ANYTHING except make decorative color and type changes. I'm scared to mess around with the template types in case I mess up and lose anything! In simple words, I'm a big coward!

  4. I was like that for a whole year, Becky. Now I'm fearless. Almost.

    You'll grow into it. :)

  5. Futz away, Yvette. I've gotten braver myself as I've gotten used to Blogger. In the beginning I was terrified of losing or messing up everything. Since then I've learned how to experiment - carefully...

  6. I like the new header. My Daughter put mine on. I did learn Jan 1 2012
    how to get my mouse pointer big and Black. It helps..
    Give a kiss to Rocky and the Grandbaby for me. I love ole world art.

  7. I will, Ryan. :)

    'Carefully' is the key word, Eve. But I have to admit, it's a lot of fun.:)

    Kisses will be delivered, Yvonne. :)

    I love to share the art I love.

  8. Yvette, I'm posing this question to fellow-bloggers: how do I make my post heading/headline clickable? For instance, I can hold the cursor/hand on the headline of this post and click on it. I can't seem to do it on my blog. Blogger Forum hasn't been of much help so far. Thanks very much...

  9. I'm sorry, Prashant, I can't help you with the problem. My post titles have always just 'clicked'. It seems to have come built in with the program. At least that's how I look at it.

    You might try re-booting. That's the usual general thing to do when something is wonky.

    But maybe it's just google blogger acting up in your neck of the woods.

    Google blogger usually has something not quite right at least once a week if not more often.

    Wish I could help. :)

  10. Thanks, Yvette, no problem. I think there's something wrong with my settings, especially the html part. I read it somewhere. Besides, I prefer Chrome to IE or Mozilla so I wonder if the browser has anything to do with it. Google is pretty up to date in my end of the world. In fact, they are expanding in Asia.

  11. Google is still wonky here. But I say, it's free, so you can hardly quibble about it.

    I still do, though. Ha!

    My daughter who is a computer expert told me not to go with Chrome and I haven't.

    To each his or her own. :)

  12. I love the freedom to change design, font, color on my blog. It's my little home on the internet and I enjoy rearranging sometimes.

  13. That's the way I look at it too, Nan. If it weren't so much fun, I guess I wouldn't do it. :)

  14. Congratulations - I have changed the borders around my photos from white to black. I endeavoured to change the header but blogger was playing difficult. I am frightened of losing what I have got - I once lost a post and all of the lovely comments.

  15. Rosemary: Yes, it's that fear that keeps us on our toes. :)

    I once lost a whole post and comments as well. But that was way back in the beginning. Hopefully that will NEVER happen again. Ha!


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