Friday, January 6, 2012

Foreign Film Poster Friday

I'm not really sure what movie this oh-so-fabulous poster is advertising, but boy, would I like to have seen it.

Look at all the strange imagery. What on earth do you think this movie is about?

Stylish madwoman runs amok at the zoo?


  1. We have to find this movie! It looks glamorously terrifying. I believe it's Menschen, Tiere, Sensationen (1938) based on some IMDB research. I don't know if it was ever released in the United States.

  2. Gorgeous poster. How can you not want to watch whatever the movie is.

  3. Lauren is probably right. I too think it's Menschen, Tiere, Sensationen (1938) (roughly meaning Human Animal Sensations). Harry Piel directed and also acted in it as the main lead.

    I found this funny piece of trivia about the movie. Apparently, Karlheinz Wendtland criticized Piel (Geliebter Kintopp, 1988) for giving himself more importance than others in the film and thought it was 'embarrassing' the way he presented himself as 'irresistible' to women!

  4. Very clever of you to find that much, Lauren. I was just so taken with the poster. It is truly sensational.

  5. YOu have a great weekend as well, kiddo. The weather here is spring-like. I expect to see little birdies flying about.

  6. Ryan: Gorgeous and sinister. I love it!

  7. We need a picture of Piel to see if he is truly irresistible. Ha! One can only wonder what this movie might be about.

    Animal passions in the human breast, probably.

    The usual.

  8. Check out the 'irresistible' Harry Piel's photo on Wikipedia,

    "One can only wonder what this movie might be about."

    As far as my online wanderings tell me Menschen, Tiere, Sensationen is about a circus. Piel plays a trainer who works with animals. Apparently he used no stunt doubles for the movie.

  9. OKay, we're getting there. Now we know it's a movie about a circus. That would explain the animals. :)

    Must go see the pix. YIKES!

    ...and a member of the SS, to boot. What a swell fellow.

    No thanks.


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