Saturday, May 7, 2011

Today is OFFICIALLY National Train Day!

Okay, so today is the OFFICIAL National Train Day. I posted about it last Saturday and thought that would be that. But I've changed my mind. Can't let the day go by without some more train visuals I love.

Aren't these posters wonderful? I love the whole idea of the romance of train travel - way back when. The only train 'travel' I've actually done (besides the subway when I was a kid to and fro-ing from home to high school) was the train between London and Oxford, a friend and I took many years ago. It was lots of fun, but not nearly long enough to invite mystery and a good train dinner.


  1. Great posters! I have Mystery of the Blue Train for this weekend on dvd, in the train motif.

  2. Kathy: Thanks. I hope you like it! :)

  3. Love those posters. Thanks for celebrating National Train Day. I don't suppose Hallmark makes any cards for this? Nah.

  4. Jacqueline: You need to notify Hallmark that you will not stand for Train Day being ignored one more minute! Who cares if the Big Kahunas this weekend are the Kentucky Derby AND Mother's Day?
    A nice train card arriving in the mail would be a very welcome thing. HA!


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