Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Operation SNAFU: My blog is still on the fritz.

In the last couple of days, Google Blogger has decided not to allow me to post responses to your comments on the blog. Just another in a long line of Google Blogger failures that currently appear to be on-going. I'm wondering too, if any of you are also having problems with your blogs. Wouldn't want to think I was being singled out by the fates that be - HA! This has all been happening within the past month - remember the formatting problems? They're mostly gone, but not completely. I don't know what the heck is going on with G.B., but whatever it is I wish they'd straighten themselves out.

By the way: I also can't post a comment on your blog if it has any but a Blogspot address. Nice - huh? But please don't think I'm not reading and appreciating your blog posts - I am. I haven't disappeared, I'm just - sort of - incommunicado.

I'm hoping that at some point within the next few days all this will straighten itself out. I've tried to make Google Blogger aware of the snafu, but you know how that goes.

So this is my long-winded way of asking for your patience and forbearance. I'm still posting, but that's about it.(And who knows how much longer before that too goes down the tubes.)

Thank you Kathy, Juxtabook, BookBelle, Edward, Anne, Deb and Ryan for your recent comments.
I value your thoughts and I promise to respond as soon as Google Blogger allows it.

Slice of Life: I tried and failed to post comments on your blog. Wanted to commisserate about our  blogging problems but can't even comment as 'anonymous'. Also wanted to post some comments about M. M. Kaye, but they'll just have to wait.

BookBelle: Tried and failed to post on your blog as well. WHEN WILL THIS TORMENT END? I know, I know, I tend to the dramatic. Ha!


  1. I'm having this same FRUSTRATING problem, too! I'm going to try to post this as "anonymous" and see if that works. (It's me - Joanne -- at Slice of Life.

  2. Thanks for your updates. It's only because of your posts that I realised it wasn't just me. It seems I can comment on some blogs but not others and it's driving me nuts. Hopefully this will let me post as anonymous because it certainly won't let me be myself!

    Cath at read_warbler

  3. Same here. And I have sneak through the back door to actually do new posts on my blog. I can't just sign in and be on my pages to do things. I have to ease in through the dashboard. Bev@My Reader's Block

  4. Testing post. My daughter figured out a way to fix the commenting snafu and I'm checking to see if it works for me.

  5. Okay, ladies, it worked! One snafu done away with. But I still can't completely sign out of my blog and I still have to enter from the back to post and or change anything.

    Go to my daughter's blog: First Time Blogger, First Time Mama (link on the right hand sideboard of my blog - scroll down to where I have the list of blog sites I frequent) - the instructions to fix the commenting problem is there.

  6. Interestlingly, all of the comments that vanished on the May12-13 fiasco have suddenly reappeared on my blog. I'm happy for that. Yesterday, however, I had a problem posting a comment at Mystery Fanfare but nowhere else that was a blogspot blog. It's all very weird. See what happens when you try to fix what ain't broke? I think Blogger just needs to forget about their "upgrade" and "new features."

  7. Here's my view: It it AIN'T BROKE -DON'T FIX IT!!

    You're right of course, John. They've screwed everything up in their zeal to make everything shinier and newer.


  8. I have to enter my blog through the url address instead of I then can comment but I have to sign in at that point. It's weird. I've started taking these blogger problems in stride. It's something new every day, it seems.

    Hang in there~!

  9. BookBelle: Well, the commenting problem was fixed by my daughter and the link to the instructions is now on my blog. Thank goodness!

    But you're right, it looks like from here on in, it will be some new problem every day.

    Gotta' stay calm. Ha!


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