Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Salon: Paintings By U.S. Soldiers Go On Display for First Time

Painting by Tom Lea

Paintings from the hearts and minds of American soldiers - WWI to the present. Read about this powerful new exhibition at this link.

Many WWII combat artists were also featured in the PBS documentary, THEY DREW FIRE, narrated by Jason Robards, Jr. Read about the film here.

Thomas Hart Benton (1889 - 1975)
Also featured in the documentary THEY DREW FIRE.


  1. Yes. Absolutely, Ryan.

    There are so many unheralded artists who covered all the wars. I'm glad this new exhibition will draw attention to them and to what they saw and suffered through. (Not to mention their artistry in the face of death and destruction.)

    I saw the documentary (They Drew Fire) a while back but I think I might like to see it again.

  2. These look absolutely stunning ! Impressive, considering the pressures they were under. Do they still have 'war' artists - or have they been superseded by digital video?

  3. Sue: Yes, powerful visions. I don't know about today's war time soldiers. I did see a painting somehwere done by a soldier fighting in Afghanistan, so I think it's still being done. There's nothing like 'actual' drawing, done 'in situ' - they do reflect the horror of war in a much more intimate, emotional way.


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