Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Salon: Life Goes On...

Well, Google Blogger-wise, it was an awful week. The google-blogger snafu was a real pain in the butt. Several days without access to my blog made me jumpy, irritable and out-of-sorts. Who knew I'd react this way? In fact, my reaction was so personally annoying that I actually thought about giving up the blog all together, I mean, who needs this aggravation?

At the same time google blogger chose to shut down, I'd also upgraded to Explorer 9 with an additional and even more annoying failure of all things I'd become familiar with online. To unravel that foul-up, I needed the expert help of my techy daughter and thank goodness she stepped in and saved the day and my sanity. But really, who needs this?

Then I remembered all the nice people (bloggers and otherwise) I've met (virtually or otherwise) all across the world (because of my blog) and I immediately re-considered. But for a moment there, I had doubts that this whole thing was perhaps more than I'd signed on for.

Ah well, as I like to say: what would life be without self-doubt? (A whole lot easier, but that's a theory for another day.)

Suffice to say, that my blog is now almost 100 percent back to normal, except for some fine-tuning here and there. So I'll stop whining for now - though not completely since, as you all know, I am somewhat of a grumpy sort to begin with. Besides, what would life be without a good whine? Ha!

A nice Chateau Lafitte sort of whine. I know, I know: enough of that, Yvette!

Note: Illustration of the unhappy cat by one of my favorite Golden Age wonders, Racey Helps.


  1. Well, we are so glad that with the help of your technical expert that you are back blogging away.

    It is so incredibly annoying to have computer problems. It feels like the world is coming to an end. I've been there and a year ago had to buy a new computer because a virus destroyed my computer. Luckily, friends came to the rescue.

    But whining is allowed when dealing with these matters, at least whining.

    Love the whining cat and the hat below.

  2. Computers - you love 'em, you hate 'em. We've all been there. It seems you lose touch with the world when the computer is down. But I'm really glad you didn't stop blogging. You would be missed!

  3. Kathy: That's how I felt. But I didn't like feeling that so I seriously wondered if I was growing to dependent on my computer and blogging and the rest of it. In many ways, I guess I have.
    But I'm uneasy about it.

    Still, I love blogging, so I'm here for the duration I suppose. :)

  4. Pam: Thanks! I'd miss it too. I just got very frustrated and didn't like that I felt, as you say, cut off from the world. But I suppose that's the new 'normal' around here. :)

  5. I'm so glad you didn't pack it all in Yvette - I'd be distraught without your blog! Keep up the good work!:)

  6. Thank you, Nicolas. I'm still here. Ha!

  7. Millions of people suffered the Blogger problem. I was just as frustrated as you and contemplated switching to wordpress.

    As for Explorer 9 bugs: I hate anything having to do with the Microsoft empire. If I were you I'd switch to Firefox as your browser. Never had a problem with any of the upgrades and they are always free.

  8. John: It was so bizarro. Like being in an alternate universe. Ha!

    I'll ask my daughter about Firefox, I've heard of it of course. I'm not entirely sure what a 'browser' does, but I have a vague idea. I'm not doing anything (having to do with the computer) anymore unless my daughter okays it.

    I've learned my lesson. :)


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