Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day, by the way...!

I've been reminded that today is May Day by virtue of it's being the first day in May. I guess I wasn't paying attention. Ha! Anyway, have a great one.

This is my own illustration to which I own the rights. I don't mind if you copy it as long as you link back to me (that's a must), but please do not use for any commercial enterprise or Rocky will be forced to nip your ankles. Thanks.


  1. Yvette, Happy May Day, and what an utterly charming illustration! The sprightly young girl in your picture has almost a Mary Englebreit feel (yes, I mean that as a compliment!:-)) If I may ask, are you trying to sell it, or did you just include it on your lovely Web site for fun? Anyway, I love it!

  2. Just for fun, Dorian. Thanks for the kind words. Though I retain the rights, the original art was sold a while back and is owned by someone else. At some point down the line, I am going to put together an art blog to feature my paintings, but not just yet. I hope then to sell prints of my stuff on etsy.

    I love Mary Englebreit's work and as you can see, it has influenced my own. :) I take it as a compliment to be compared to her, believe me.

  3. Amazing picture, Yvette - am mightily impressed!

  4. Happy First Day of May, Yvette! Your rosy cheeked garden girl illustration is charming.

  5. Thanks, Pat. I admit it's one of my favorite illustrations. :)


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