Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Painted Floors: Part 2

My foot, which just coincidentally happens to blend nicely with the painted floor.

But first, the dining room chandelier decked out in Easter eggs. Love it.

A door to the library.

My favorite piece of artwork which happens to hang in the kitchen. I always mean to ask the identity of the artist, but I always forget.

Up above. Not the floor, but the wonderful living room ceiling with a stencil of a hummingbird.

I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this chair and pillow.

The library floors.

I wrote about my sister-in-law's beautiful painted floors back around the Christmas Holidays, so this second post is an update on her project. She and my brother live in a gorgeous older home and Viv is always hard at work making their house even more special. Not quite finished at Christmas, she continued to stencil and paint until finally last week, we got to see more of what she'd been up to. I took some photos to bring us all up to date. Sorry the photos are not professional-grade, but I used my trusty little point-and-shoot, cause that's the camera I have and feel most comfortable with. You get the picture, anyway. (This link will take you back to the Holiday post, if you want to play catch-up and see the rest of the floors.)

Couldn't resist this: My granddaughter and Rocky on the painted living room floor.


  1. Such beautiful designs and exquisite work! Just lovely!

    Rockie is demanding eye contact from your adorable grand daughter. It's such a cute photo! My grandsons also have Sophie the giraffe teether :)

  2. Pat: Yes, Viv does great work. I never know what I'm going to find when I visit. She's always up to something. How she finds the time I'll never know. I don't think she sleeps. HA! The original post has more pix of the other floors, this one was really just to play catch-up,

    Rocky, so far, is very good with the baby. The little devil has hidden depths. HAHA!!!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous floors, artwork and all of it. I am green with envy.

    Nice photo of Rocky and the granddaughter. (I'd be careful though, my neighbor's Dachshund growled and almost bit her great-grandson when he was 9 months old because he tried to grab her nose, as babies don't yet have a clue about pets.)

  4. Kathy: Oh, we're very aware that small dogs and small children usually don't mix well. But believe me there were many pairs of eyes on the situation. (And hands ready to snatch him away.)
    Now that she's ready to grab and snatch, we'll be even more careful. :)

    I love painted floors and Viv is doing a very good job - so much patience!! But lovely results.

  5. What a special home! I would hardly dare to walk on those beautiful floors.

  6. Dorte: The floors are beautiful but entirely walkable. Viv coats them with several layers of polyurethane so even high heels don't much matter. I think they only have to be re-coated every few years, if at all.

  7. What a beautiful house!

  8. My brother and his wife thank you, Nicolas. :)


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