Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday: Thought for the Day

I choose books to suit my self, not my shelf.
Marcus Bryce
(Painting by N.C. Wyeth.)


  1. Yes, exactly right. And reading is such a unique personal choice. Having said that, THE LIST OF SEVEN arrived today, and I am soon going to get stuck into that. Just read the first chapter. So as for the above quote in this case I didnt actually choose, did i! but it looks a very good choice.

  2. Dave: You got your copy BEFORE I did. Mine was sent back to the shelves because I never got a chance to get to the library - bad weather! I'm going to re-request it next week! I'm so glad you're liking it. :)

  3. I'm honoured Yvette! I just can't understand someone choosing a book because it'll look good not being read! I love the ever expanding, constantly evolving and utterly chaotic nature of my own bookshelves: My favourite has books stacked upon books, horizontal, vertical and a splattering of diagonal stacking too. It's home to photos and a frequent repository for keys, wallets, toys, a pocket knife and bits of string I find in my pocket. None of which are there at the moment, just an English pound coin and a couple of fishing floats. :)

  4. Marcus: You never know when a friend will turn into a good source for pithy sayings. Ha! Yes, I agree with you. I have bookshelves in almost every room of my house, including the laundry room. The books there are used to be ransacked about. They're very patient with me. :)


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