Saturday, January 29, 2011

Are You Ready to Travel? I Am.

Okay, I am officially fed up with winter. Here in the northeast we have been hit with snowfall after snowfall after...well, you get it. I mean, there's no place left to put all the snow. (What comes next when the snow beings to melt? Flooded basements, of course.) And now I hear there's another storm possibility for this coming Tuesday and Wednesday. Enough is enough, I say.

So, in the spirit of flying off to another place and time here are some fabulous vintage travel posters to get your mind off the ridiculousness outside. Yes, I realize that it's winter in some of those places as well, but let's just make-believe, shall we?

Where's Mr. Peabody and the Way-Back machine when you need him?


  1. Pity we can't swap in the blink of an eye - it's another scorcher here today - 42C (that's about 108 in Fahrenheit) and I've had enough of it too - some snow sounds lovely right about now :)

    Great book covers though

  2. It was quick but nice. I couldn't leave my 15 year old dog. Besides it's good I am here the roof has 2 and a half feet of snow. I have to get that off before the next storm. Happy I built on a slab, no basement. Please let's get an early dry Spring.

    Happy Snowy Sunday.


  3. Bernadette: Thanks so much for taking the trip with me! Scorcher sounds pretty good right about now - but then I'd be wishing for some cold air. Ha! There's no happy medium this time of year for either of us. :)

  4. Yvonne: That's the best part of make-believe travel, you don't have to leave your pets behind. I would never leave Rocky either. :)

  5. I like all the vintage travel posters! A friend made a card for me recently with all the vintage US national parks posters on it for me as a keepsake as she knows I love the parks.

    I forgot all about Mr. Peabody! Fun memories, Yvette! :D

  6. Pat: I love them as well. I seem to be stuck on anything vintage. These designs were so colorful and bright and beautifully created by the artists involved. Just gorgeous.

    Yeah, Mr. Peabody. Remember those? Fun!! I hear there's a movie in the works. But the worst thing they can do is give Mr. Peabody the 'Shrek' look - computer animation with, I mean. I love the old clunky hand drawn animation. :)

  7. amazing post Yvette.....i love it!!!
    the posters of that time are so artistic!!
    I saw on tv about the weather in usa, it must be really hard............anyway even without the snow i dream always of summer vacation under the in Agatha Christie's books!!!

  8. Martha: Yes, I wish there was an Agatha Christie Land. A theme park filled with all things from her stories. Wouldn't that be great?

    I love vintage posters, too. In general, they are beautifully designed. LOVE all that color.

    We're execting even more snow later on tonight into tomorrow. The fun never ends. HA! :)

  9. Thanks Yvette!! today there is ice all over everything and more coming tonight and tomorrow!!! New Zealand and Down under would be great right now!!!!!

  10. Yes, I'd take off for New Zealand in a moment if I could. :) And I actually know someone who lives there so we could hang out with them. :)


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