Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Salon: A Chamber Music Quartet Goes Digital - What do you think?

Before I do my weekly summing up, I thought I'd post this intriguing piece with slide show from today's NY Times Arts Section. Titled: A Quartet Goes Digital. The Borromeo String Quartet embraces the new technology. These musicians are using technology in an unique way, applicable to their own performances and feel about the centuries old music. It's interesting the way they talk about technology's use in self-correction. To read more about The Borromeo String Quartet, please go here
I suppose it's clever and inevitable. If it's not detrimental to the original music, I'm guessing this is probably the next step. But how they'd fit laptops behind every member of, say, the NY Philharmonic is problematic. Maybe some sort of Kindle-look type thing?

What do you think? What would Bach think?

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