Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nabokov the Butterfly Man.

I know that my interests are infuriatingly esoteric in nature, but that can't be helped. My brain is a beehive of useless information which isn't, I suppose, strictly useless, if it enriches your life in some way. For instance, this morning I was enthralled by this piece in the NY Times about author Vladimir Nabokov's interest in all things lepidoptrous. Most especially his specialty, the Polyommatus Blues, a gorgeous pale blue butterfly. It appears that a scientific theory which he held way back when in the 1970's (a theory that was scoffed at) has finally been vindicated.

I didn't know that the author of LOLITA and PALE FIRE and other literary classics was the Curator of Lepitoptera at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University. Did you?


  1. What a life the russian Reveloution, and then
    the nazi's >> Look what he became. very interesting..
    He doesn't sound like a man that could write Lolita.


  2. Yes, it's so interesting to read about some authors' lives. He must have been a very brilliant man. Science on the one side and creative invention on the other.


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