Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alphabet Bag - LOVE IT!

Now, normally I don't do product placements on my blog, (unless you want to call book covers product placements) but this bag just caught my eye. Today I posted a Crime Fiction Alphabet post (Letter B) and I guess I'm still in an alphabet frame of mind. Isn't this the chicest bag? I LOVE the alphabet design. Perfect for lugging books around. Or alphabet blocks, I suppose. (And it looks impervious to wet Winters.) Don't you love it? I've never heard of this company, but they seem on the up and up. Blue Q. That's where the bag is. They have other fun stuff too.

No, I don't get a kick back.

(Actually, now that I think on it, I did post some products when I did my Christmas Gift Suggestions List. But, never mind...)

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