Friday, July 8, 2011

Old Lady Memory Alert: A Favorite Fictional Character: Roderick Alleyn in the books by Ngaio Marsh

One of my favorite bloggers, Ryan, over at WORDSMITHONIA, asked me to write up a guest post naming My Favorite Fictional Character - well, one of my favorites anyway. (While he relaxed a bit during these hot summer days.) I did so and he very kindly posted it on his blog this past Wednesday, July 6th. And where was I?

Oh, probably staring off into space, musing on the infinite.

Somehow I missed writing about the post and linking to Ryan's blog. GAK!!

I feel awful about it and my only excuse is that my memory obviously needs some kind of electric charging these days. My batteries are definitely running low.

Ryan being the forgiving sort, I'm hoping he'll see his way clear to calling off the hit man and alls well that ends well.

Without further ado: Here's the link to Ryan's wonderful My Favorite Character Weekly Meme - this week written by yours truly. Subject: Roderick Alleyn, Ngaio Marsh's suave gentleman detective. Enjoy.


  1. Hello Yvette:
    Nothing at all wrong with your memory. We suspect that you were simply 'lost' in one book only occasionally looking up to check on the pile still to be read. Do you ever sleep?!!

  2. Ha! Jane and Lance: I am such a phoney. I really don't read as much as I would like. I used to read much more AND quicker. Now, sometimes I get the feeling that I'm dawdling. :)

    But thanks for rising to my defense.

    I just feel bad that I messed this whole thing up. It was supposed to work seamlessly. Yeah, right.

  3. No worries at all. It was a wonderfuly written post on a character I wasn't all that familiar with. You have convinced me that I need to read the books.

    As far as the hitman goes, I'm sorry there was nothing I could do to nullify the contract. Instead I had to give him the name of someone else. I never really did like the Tooth Fairy that much anyway.

  4. Oh, Ryan, you're a dear. I really did feel awful about my lapse. I'm a worry-wort from way back.

    I hope you enjoy the books anyway. I have a feeling you will. If you need a list of the best ones, I'll be happy to oblige. :)

    As for the hit man, well I'm happy enough to have him deflected by a little thing with gossamer wings.

    All together now: "Awww......!"

    I'm terrible, I know.

  5. I'm visiting from your post over at Ryan's blog. Your blog is really lovely. I'm now a new follower. =O)

  6. Fine review. Nothing to worry about. You have normal memory, believe me. Everyone I know who is 50 or over forgets all sorts of things.

    I do, too, but I shrug it off at this point--unless an important bill is late. If a major crisis isn't happening, memory loss is fine.

    But of this review, how will Nero and Archie feel with this guy getting a favorite spot? Better discuss it with them soon.

  7. Hi Yvette

    Lovely post.

    BTW, Col Reads has done a post on one of Marsh's Mysteries. Here is the link if you are interested:

  8. Michelle: Welcome! And thank you so much for dropping by from Ryan's neck of the woods. :)

  9. Kathy: Thanks but I can't help it, I'm just a worrying sort. :)

    Well the thing is, Alleyn is ONE of my favorites. And I'd already written enough (at least for now) about Wolfe and Archie and of course, Sherlock Holmes who is my Numero Uno.

    (There was a rumor going around once upon a time that Wolfe was Sherlock Holmes' son.)

    I've got a post coming up next week about the wit and wisdom of Wolfe and Arche (mostly Archie) so that will calm them down. Ha!

  10. neer: Thanks! And also thanks for the link. I'll check it out later today. I'm off to the hairdresser's in a bit. :)

  11. You have tempted me to look up the suave detective.

  12. Nero Wolfe the son of Sherlock Holmes? No way. Holmes and Dr. Watson would have had disdain for the self-indulgence in food and spirits -- and no exercise -- of Wolfe.

  13. Bill: Good. I hope you'll like the books.:)

  14. Kathy: Well, don't forget that Wolfe did not become the way he is for many years. First he was a mmn of action back in Europe. He comes from a rugged parr of the world: the area that used to be known as Yugoslavia. He was born in the hills of Montenegro. He was a spy in Austria.


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