Friday, July 29, 2011

Back To The Future As It Used To Be...

Cover art by Howard V. Brown - Astounding Stories 1935

Thanks to the blog lines and colors for the heads up on the incredible artwork being featured on the blog DARK ROASTED COFFEE Wierd and Wonderful Things. These are highly inventive concepts of the future done by sci-fi artists of the past and wow! are they fabulous. I love this sort of thing. Go take a look. Amazing stuff. Here's the link.

Illustration by Gladney - Astounding Stories July, 1939


  1. Hello Yvette:
    We do agree - absolutely wonderful. These illustrations which you show here are so much akin to the travel posters of the 1930s, and again immediately after the war, that used to be seen on railway stations all over Britain advertising mainly seaside resorts accessible by train.

  2. Jane and Lance: I hope you linked over to the rest of the show. There are many more gorgeously inventive illustrations to look at at the two other blogs. This kind of art deserves a serious museum show all it's own though I'm sure someone has already thought of it and done it sometime.

    Great minds think alike, Jane and Lance, I'm working on a vintage travel poster blog post almost as we speak...


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