Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Good Place To Be Today...

It is brutal outside. 98 degrees, feels like 100 or more. Day after day of this constant heat is fatiguing. Hope you're cool wherever you are today. Rocky and I are hibernating, listening to the ballgame.

Note: Don't have any source for this stylish vintage illustration.


  1. We just finished with a heat wave that gave us our highest dew points ever. We were being compared to the Amazon Jungle. And yes, fatiguing is definitely the right word. Our front must have moved over your house in its departure from ours.

    I love that vintage artwork. It is so my favorite era.

  2. BookBelle: Gee, thanks! Ha!

    I love that illustration too. There was just something about 'vintage' artwork that set it apart. Maybe it's just the memories it evokes. Who knows?

  3. Yes. The heat is horrible.

    I stayed up late reading about Archie with the League of Frightened Men, then watched the early news (with pet adoption segment), and conked out for the entire day.

    If I had my choice, I'd be in the mountains of Maine or Vermont by a lake under trees with a good book, or two or three, and iced tea.

  4. We've had so many hot days, but I think this was either day 27 or day 28 or 100 plus temps. I'm so tired of it. I want it to snow now.

  5. We have 77 degrees and expecting thunder storms in thepart of Sweden where I live. So far this summer has been most rainy and chilly days

    So I could do with some of that heat. A week or so...

  6. Kathy: I'm with you. Given a choice, I'd be in Maine or Vermont myself. Or maybe Switzerland. :)

  7. Ryan: Know what you mean. It is exhausting. But then when the snow comes, we long for the hot weather again. We are never satisfied.

    This summer though, has been SO intense. Phew!

  8. Gunnar: Thanks for dropping by. Actually, 77 degrees sounds like bliss right about now.

    We haven't seen the '70's in weeks and weeks. Can't remember the last time. Though I know there must have been one. :)

  9. It has broken here. That's the utter joy of northern New England for me. We have a little hot weather but not too much. It is in the high seventies today with a breeze and MUCH lower humidity. I am much more cheerful and it feels like my brain is working again. :<)

  10. Lucky you, Nan. :) It rained cats and dogs here after a hot muggy morning but the rain did nothing to chase the hot mugginess away. The sun came out and it was back to the same overpowering heat and humidity.

    All I can say is: thank goodness for air conditioning. I wonder how we lived without it when I was a kid. Don't think the summers were ever this bad.

  11. I never tire of snow....I'm thinking I need to move to somewhere in Alaska, above the Artic Circle

  12. Bringing up childhood and hot summers--I grew up in Chicago.

    The heat there is paralyzing. We'd just sit in front of big fans and do nothing, except get up to make or get iced tea. (That was the best!)

    I just read that 6 people died from the heat in Chicago in the last few days.

    I would rather be in Northern New England now on a lake. Or in Sweden, which sounds just right.
    (And I could learn more about the location of so many mysteries set there.)

  13. Ryan: Then you'd love NJ winters! :)

  14. Kathy: I grew up in Manhattan and I just don't remember summers ever being this hot. No air conditioning then, needless to say. We must have had fans.

    But I was a kid then, kids will put up with anything.

    I wish I were in northern New England too.

  15. I'm from northern MN. My hometown is right on Lake Superior and I will probably retire back home, even if I don't know anyone there when I do. It's beautiful country and I miss it all the time. Especially on, I think, day 30 of this crappy 100+ heat.

  16. Ryan: I'm only slightly familiar with that area of the country from books and pictures. It's a beautiful area of the country.

    This heat is nothing but terrible.

    Today it's a bit less muggy, but still hot enough to make things uncomfortable.

    Have I got a series of books for you, Ryan: The Alex McKnight books which, if I'm not mistaken, are set (usually in the snowy winters) near the Canadian border in the area of the country you plan on retiring to. At least I think so. You'd have to double check. But the books are terrific.

  17. Thanks I will have to check them out. Anything to do with snow right now would be a blessing.

    It's already 104 and is supposed to get to 108. We are well into over a month of 100+ plus weather so far.

  18. Ryan: Today is the first nice day we've had in weeks. It's hot and sunny but with a cool breeze coming from who knows where. I actually have the windows open. :)


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