Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again...

Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween. (Well, maybe I loved it more when I was a little kid living on thirty something street in Manhattan and the folks in the neighborhood who answered their doors gave us pennies, nickles and dimes, instead of candy.) Counting all our moolah at the end of the day was a thrill.

But curmudgeon that I am, I'm never happy about throwing money away on bags of candy, especially when it's not going to do the kids' toothies any good (but more especially because the candy's not all for me). I must say that Halloween seems tailor-made for candy makers and dentists. But maybe that's just me.

And of course, I always worry about what to buy. I go by price, obviously - cheap candy is just as good as the more expensive kind - that's my mantra. Of course no one wants to get a rep for giving out only junky stuff. But I stopped worrying about that ages ago.

And just how much is enough? Used to be, you stopped giving out candy too early and kids might soap your windows or throw toilet paper around your yard (?!) Not that this ever happened. But just the possibility is enough every year to cause a worry-wort alert. So I've, more or less, learned to judge how much to buy so that I'm not stuck with too much at the end of the night.

It's not a precise science.

In truth, I've never had any Halloween mishaps except for one year when someone covered my car with shaving cream. Ah, fun.

And another thing: Should I buy candy that I, personally enjoy? - a BIG RESOUNDING NO! I simply cannot be trusted not to eat it. (Those little yellow wax paper wrapped Mary Janes are evil!)

So, to be on the safe side, I buy stuff that I probably won't eat.

Do you do that too?

This year it's lollipops. I bought bags of lollipops and that's it. This old curmudgeon has had it.

And yet -

My granddaughter is coming over. In costume, of course. She will be paraded up and down the street  by her proud poppa and momma to a chorus of 'oohs' and 'aaaahs' - she's so adorable.

I know what her costume will be, but I'm not sayin'....!


So I'm looking forward to that. And I do, really, get a kick out of all the little trick or treaters in their costumes.

But I'm not looking forward to multiple heart attacks every time the doorbell rings and Rocky goes into paroxysms of barking.

 Can't help it, lady. I gotta' protect my turf.


  1. Hello Yvette:
    Until comparatively recently 'trick or treat' was completely unheard of in the UK and Hallowe'en was a day like any other with any kind of autumnal celebration reserved for November 5th. [Guy Fawkes' Night].

    Here in Hungary All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day are firmly kept as Christian festivals.

  2. That sounds great, especially your grand-daughter and the other children in costumes.

    Can the pooch on sentry duty guard the bedroom for the period of doorbell ringing?

    I'm just saying --

  3. LOL re: Mary Janes. I agree - they are evil! When I was a kid I loathed getting Mary Jane candy in my trick or treating haul. I thought it was vile tasting and couldn't imagine why anyone would give such awful stuff to kids. I used to have fits. I would throw it at the wall and stomp on it. (Should I really be confessing this?) My brothers would laugh hysterically at me. I tried to feed it to our Basset Hound once (he'd eat practicaly anything) and even he spit it out.

  4. Jane and Lance: You're lucky. It's turned into a national extravaganza in this country. Not so sure I'm happy about all the hoopla, but I do like the decorations. The large pumplins for sure.

    And those little orange pumpkin lights are particularly winsome. Not to mention the little white skull lights. :)

    The kids love it too.

  5. Kathy: If I put him in the bedroom, he will sratch at the door like a maniac, barking all the while. He regards himself as my protector.

  6. John: You are too funny. Ha! Poor little Mary Jane hating kid.

    I love them. That's what I meant by they are evil. If I bought them to give to the kids, I'd wind up eating them all myself. My teeth would NOT thank me.

  7. Delightful article, Yvette! Love your angst about the candy, and your final decision about the lollipops! This year I'm going to have to be a curmudgeon, at least in my own neighborhood. I'm going to my son's house where my grandkids will be. So I really WON'T be home, and not just hiding behind the blinds with the lights off! LOL!

  8. I think you should get yourself a few treats in amongst the candy you don't like.

    And, my vote is yes, get junky candy. Kids love candy, any kind. I know. I used to be a kid. I still have a terrible sweet tooth, but I'm a bit more selective.

    Mary Janes: never a favorite of mine, but now they would do damage to a king's ransom worth of dental work ... crowns would just fly out of my mouth.

    But maybe a few for you.

    Yes, the sentry pooch, what a headache. Maybe you could put him on a leash in the living room so he can't run to the door but yet sees you. He'll bark anyway, but small children won't be in danger of a wild Chihuahua.

  9. I enjoyed Halloween as a child, but I've slowly turned into the very person I hated as a child — the adult who turns out all the lights and goes away for the night. I think the holiday has become too commercial, and I'd like to see it die out. There, I said it. Humbug.

  10. Love Halloween, not the candy, but I love taking Aidan trick or treating. It's so much fun for me still.

  11. When our kids were younger, we had The Pumpkin Fairy come to our house each year. The kids got to choose a few pieces before setting their booty by the front door. Then the PF would come and take the candy and leave presents. One year we even sent all of the candy overseas to soldiers...but it usually goes to work so we can watch all of the adults act like nuts! Try the PF if you have small kids! It's GREAT!

  12. Three years ago, we only had an assortment of fruit on offer, it was treated with a resounding thumbs down, and they have never been back again!!!

  13. Hi, My friend told me that those dog "huggers" that are advertised on TV really work for her dog if she puts it on before the thunder starts. It might be worth a try for Halloween. Dee

  14. We can't wait to bring Julianna over to trickor treat ... so she can get all the candy for mommy & daddy ... LOL.

  15. Classic Becky: I've never actually doused the lights and hidden in the dark, but I've wanted to. HA!

    When I've been away from home, I've always worried that the neighborhood kids might think I was being batty old lady hiding out.

    I know, I worry about everything. :)

  16. Kathy, kids are remarkably sophisticated when it comes to candy. I've actually seen them sneer if they get a candy they don't like. HA! Well, maybe not sneer, maybe it's just extreme dissapointment. Poor dears. :)

    But who doesn't love a lollipop - right?

    Don't worry about Rocky, Kathy. We survived last year.

  17. Me too, Mark. I totally have turned into a curmudgeon. Ha!

    I'm a humbug too. But I still hand out candy. Can't help it.

  18. Ryan: well of course it's fun if you have a little kid tagging along, dressed up in whatever. I love that. My granddaughter will be visiting, all dressed up.

    Now THAT'S fun. :)

  19. Rosemary: What a clever idea! Don't think I'd have the nerve though. I live on a pretty populated block. One thing that's good though, the kids are all older and many have moved on. But there's always a bunch. :)

  20. Gram: Maybe. I'll to take a look. Thanks for the tip.

  21. Skye: And Julianna will look at both of you and think: Hey, where's my share? I'm the one doing all the dressing up here. Ha!

    Can't wait to see her.

  22. OreAnnie: Sorry I missed your comment first time around. :)

    The Pumpkin Fairy. I like it.

    Skye are you listening? This is a great idea.

    I'll pass it on. Thanks.

  23. Then kids have gotten more sophisticated than when I was a kid.

    I would take any candy offered -- and eat it, no discernment. Luckily, today I am a bit choosy.

    Have fun with your family.

  24. The children next door are going to be:

    A bluejay for a 5-year-old girl
    A tornado for her 19-month-old brother

    The mother is a clothing designer. The costumes will be great. She's making them.

  25. Kathy: What creative thinking! I'd love to see those costumes show up at my front door. :)


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