Sunday, March 13, 2011

Things I Love: Paper Dolls!

Aren't these a hoot? Interesting to look online for snippets of things that in the past you would have had to have spent hours searching for in a dusty old bookshop or toyshop. For someone like me, with allergies, this is a bit easier, though perhaps, not as much fun. For fun's sake, there's little I like better than a sneezy afternoon in an old book emporium. Online is second-best, but look what I found.

Although these Mary Engelbreit dolls are relatively new, they're still fun to collect. If you bought the M.E. magazine over the years when it was in publication, each issue came with its own paperdoll page. Very handy for collecting.

One of the projects I've always had in my mind to do is to gather a bunch of paperdolls, cut them out, keeping the tabs in place, then covering a small table or chair with them, item by item - decoupage! It would be fun to do a small cabinet or cabinet doors this way as well. Maybe something that would sit in a child's bedroom or play room or in a laundry room, depending on the dolls and the clothing you choose and how you go about it. I'd paint the piece first, then when completely dry, figure out how and where you want the dolls and clothing to go. There are plenty of decoupage glues out there which are non-harmful and plenty of 'how-to' decoupage websites. If I had room here, I'd probably be more inclined to take on this sort of project.
In the meantime, it's fun to think about.


  1. I think these are wonderful !
    When I was a child my weekly girls' comic had a paper doll set on the back page - ah, hours of fun :-)

  2. Sue, it's funny. I have no memory of playing with paper dolls although I know I must have. Or maybe I didn't and that's why I like them so much now. Who knows? :)

  3. These are lovely. I have not seen paper dolls for decades, but never saw them like this. These are classics. Where do you find them?

  4. When I was young Betsy McCall paper dolls fro McCall's magazine were popular. My Mom didn't subscribe to McCalls but many of my friends Mom's did and they always shared. I used to glue the Sears catalog pages of models to cardboard, along with photos of clothes, and then cut them out.

    I introduced paper dolls to my daughter ..she had sets of Cabbage Patch paper dolls and Barbie paper Dolls that I believe were from Dover Publications. They still offer some paper dolls sets.
    I still have some of the ME magazines with her dolls in the back pages...truly collectibles!

  5. Kathy: I found the vintage ones online. Just pictues of dolls I like. I do, however, have a bunch of Mary Englebreit paper dolls since I used to get her magazine every month. I've been meaning to do something with them. Maybe I'll just save them for my granddaughter. :)

  6. Pat: I vaguely remember Betsy McCall from years ago. Don't remember playing with paper dolls though. I must have. ;)

    I remember some comic strip I used to follow. Some glamorous woman named...I think, Katy something or other? Anyway, there used to be clothing for her character if I'm remembering correctly. Katy Keene? Sound familiar? Maybe before your time. ;)

    I have some of Mary Englebreit's paper dolls saved up. Maybe my granddaughter will enjoy playing with them sometime.

  7. Yes, save them for your grand-daughter--or else frame them. It would be nice art work to add to your collections, too.

    I see my neighbor's 4 1/2-year-old daughter, and she is developing artistic talents, which is just great. Hopefully, the schools will encourage this.

  8. wonderful!!!
    so beautiful Yvette!!

  9. Kathy: Unfortunately, most schools want kids to keep within the lines. It's the kids who draw outside the lines who often develope artistic pursuits. :)

  10. Thanks, Martha. Paper dolls are fun to collect if you can get your hands on them. I'll bet they're available on ebay. EVERYTHING's available on ebay. :)

  11. Hi!
    Very good idea.I loved paperdolls as a child.My best friens,


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