Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Salon: This and That...

Well, Spring has sprung - but you wouldn't know it. This past week we had snow which actually accumulated! And it's been cold as the dickens for days. Winter-coat cold. Just when I had put my coat back into the recesses of the coat closet - out it came again. The sun is shining today and the temp seems a bit better, but the wind is still bitter.

Not really complaining though. Compared to what's going on in Japan, a late spring is nothing. My heart goes out to those devastated people in that section of the world. Everything is relative.

Looks like I'm not the only one having to go on the usual diet this time of year. Rocky looks like a watermelon with four legs. The thing is: He LOVES to eat. It is his favorite past time. If he could he would spend all day, every day eating, with breaks for napping in between. When I have a meal, he must accompany me. He makes these strange little noises if I ignore him. Or he reaches out with his front paws as if to remind me that he's waiting for his share. He's hard to resist. Consequently, he is now a not-so-little chihuahua. Gordito chihuahua is more like it.

I've tried to put him on a diet, cutting back on his snacks and such. But he refuses to cooperate. He puts on an act - as if he hasn't eaten in three weeks. Mommy, mommy I'm starving! Why are you being so cruel to me?!

If you've never lived with a chihuahua (I never have before, I was always a big-dog person.), you have no idea what they can get up to. Lots of drama packed into these small dictator-class dogs. They're not all that keen on lengthy exercise either. But I have a feeling that's going to be the key. SOMETHING has to give!

Guess what arrived in the mail this week: A package from my good friend Jean in Colorado. She sent along a beautiful Colorado calendar, a book for me to read with my granddaughter, THE QUIET BOOK by Deborah Underwood, illustrated by Renata Liwska. Such a gentle and adorable book. Can't wait to read it with her.
Also in the package, LEVIATHAN by Scott Westerfield, a book I've been hearing about and been meaning to read. It looks like it's going to be lots of fun.

Also in the package - last but definitely NOT least! A baseball cap signed by none other than Robert Crais, one of my favorite authors in all the world. The hat says 'Craisie' on the front. That's what we Robert Crais fans are called, 'Craisies' - HA! LOVE IT!!

Thank you again, Jean, you're a Colorado peach!


  1. Yes, cold, but comparably to the catastrophe in Japan, a minor inconvenience. So many people homeless, lost their livelihoods, relatives, everything. And still have to live with fear of radiation hanging over their heads.

    Small dictator-type dogs ruling the household! Yes, my neighbor's dachshund runs the place. She, too, loves to eat more than anything else, and would love to do it 24/7 with naps interspersed.

    And she won't let anyone eat around her without whining non-stop, even if she's eaten a lot that day. And she gets mad at the cat if she smells food anywhere, as she thinks it's her territory and he can't even be sitting in it--if food is within 5 miles.

    The whining and barking goes on forever, as long as a scent remains or even the empty bowl.

    Right, small dictator-type dogs...exactly.

  2. Kathy: I can only imagine what life in Japan must be right about now. On top of all the destruction, the fear of radiation. Jeez.

    They take getting used to that's for sure. Ha!!
    They rule the roost, no question. :)

  3. Those small dogs do rule the roost, but they have personalities, no shrinking violet here. And on a number of times, that dog has outsmarted me. When I've told her "no" about something, when I'm dogsitting, she finds another way to do something.

    Just on the basis of that pooch, I know that dogs think and also have emotions--and no "expert" can tell me differently. I've seen it.

    Of course, sometimes if we're cheering at something in a movie or on tv or something else, she starts barking and then chases the cat--as he is the source of the problem, when, in fact, he is completely innocent. It is a riot.

  4. Kathy: Since I am a dog-person from way back, I too know that dogs have emotions and that they have a way of thinking and figuring things out.
    Have you read Spencer Quinn's books yet? You should. DOG ON IT is the first one. You will fall in love with Chet and Bernie. (Chet is the dog.) :)


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