Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Warrior Woman

Now this is what I call a Warrior Woman with capital W's. From now on this is who I'll imagine whenever a book calls for a strong, warrior-type woman character. I can't help it, she's instantly encased in my imagination. Isn't she amazing? Look at that nose! That jaw line. Those shoulders. Those arms, a little fleshy but full of strength. And isn't she clutching a sharp arrow? Yup, I think so. I wouldn't mess with her in a dark alley. Or any other alley, for that matter. Of course, the dog by her side doesn't hurt either.

This startling portrait is by George De Forest Brush (1855-1941), a little known artist featured today on the truly terrific Art Inconnu blog. They post (almost daily) some 'new' artist who is under-appreciated or been over-looked by history. It's a great place to find wonderful art by artists many of us have, regrettably, never heard of.

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