Friday, September 3, 2010

Last Long Weekend of Summer

Labor Day is upon us once again - the unofficial end of summer. Time for a picnic or barbecue or a sandwich on the front porch. A book or two wouldn't be amiss. There's a hurricane headed up the coast (Earl, by name) so the weather in the northeast will be a little chancy. So far though, for us here in northwest New Jersey, no rain. Yet.

These charmingly old fashioned illustrations by the wonderful Racey Helps will help set the mood, even if the weather doesn't.


  1. She has some very rich, deep colours. Loved the tone and colour of the sand. Now I know where Camilla and Sunny get to.

  2. Oh, of course Camilla and Sunny hang out here.

    Racey was a male illustrator, Dave, but I see how you could be confused about the name. I love his work, I even have a couple of the postcards up on my bulletin board. They've been there for years so I see them everyday.

  3. Thanks, Jean. Are you familiar with Racey Helps' work? I've always loved it. If you go to his website, you'll see he also wrote some children's books. You actually can see some of Helps' influence in several of the top illustrators working today. He was the king of cute, but in a very refined way. Very inventive also. And of course his work reeks with charm and innocence. There's just something very special about it.


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