Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shopping for Rocky

Well, it was bound to happen after two years of frantic tugging hither and yon - Rocky's little blue harness snapped. Checked out Wal-Mart but their selection was limited and they had nothing in his size which is just short of a watermelon with legs. (I am ashamed to say my boy needs to, maybe, diet down a size.) Decided to wait and make do, but didn't like the whole idea of using a chancy halter and leash combo. (I'm not crazy, either, about all the look-a-like stuff in Petco. That's where the original boring blue halter and leash came from.)

So we went on down to the pet boutique in town - you should see all the cute stuff they have there, omg! I mean, some of it defies even my imagination - ha! My favorites: a little yellow rain slicker and a hooded sweatshirt, perfect for foul winter weather. Rocky already has a ski jacket, though he doesn't ski...yet. After much trial and error (Rocky behaved himself and allowed us to fuss over him with different size halters for about a half hour. He was remarkably well-behaved. I was very proud of him.), we found a nice strong combo made in the USA, that fits him very well.

Color? A kind of minty green with little arfs, bow-wows and grrs printed all over it. Awww! Yeah, I know, I know, can't help it. He's my little doggy boy. He looks very handsome now walking down the street and today we went for an extra long walk. I'll soon whip him back into shape. Luckily the harness is adjustable.

(No new picture to show yet, just a painting I did of him last year - scanned slightly lop-sided on the page.)


  1. can't wait to see the picture of the Rock!!!!

  2. Minty green is good. Longs its not pink-minty green. If it were, I think Rocky would have protested.
    You have done wonders with him, Yvette. Just shows, what love, security and routine can do for a wee animal. Ah, and good food to. :-0

  3. Rocky wouldn't be caught dead in pinky pink. HA! No his quilted jacket is orange! But this year I'm getting him a gray hoodie. :)


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