Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time for the Big Books

Checking out the Times book section. Uh-oh.

There's little (if anything) I find remotely interesting in this Fall's new releases heralded by the Times. What is wrong with me? The new books I'm waiting for (none too patiently) are listed on my sidebar to the left. (Under the heading: New Books I Am Especially Looking Forward to Reading.) Am I so far off the mainstream? Possibly. Not that I give a fig. Just thought I'd mention it.

According to this piece in the NY Times, Beach Reads Finished, It's Time for the Big Books, by Julie Bosman - Fall is the time for the Good Stuff. (My wording, not theirs.) But this year's version of Big Books sounds like a giant yawn to me. Except for David Sedaris.

And I see that the Times is featuring a second review of C by Tom McCarthy, this one by Jennifer Eagan. This may be because the last reviewer Michiko Kakutani, called McCarthy's book, ...disappointing and highly self conscious... Of course, I imagine this was before the book made the upper cut for the Man Booker Prize. Interesting. Although perhaps it's a good thing to have yay and nay reviews when a book is up for such a vaunted prize.
It occurs to me that I might be sounding a bit snotty and snippy - I blame the weather. And the unpalatable fact that the Mets are losing yet again - 3-0 to the Phillies. Sigh.


  1. You sound delightful. Thanks for visiting my blog! If you're on twitter, I'd love to follow you. I just started "tweeting" 2 weeks's interesting. :-)

  2. Hi Cathy, thanks for dropping by. I've just recently discovered your blog, and I'm liking it very much. I have a twitter account under yvettespaintbox. But truth to tell, I hardly ever use it. I'll follow you, though. I really need to get that twitter button thingy up on my blog. But I'm not sure how to go about it. Computer expert, I most definitely am not. ;)

  3. With wordpress, it's very easy, although I am SO not techhie, either! I just searched (or maybe even googled) "wordpress twitter button," and it got me to the right place to tell me how to do it.
    It's probably the same for blogspot.

    If you're going to give people that option, though, you probably want to start tweeting regularly. :-)

  4. You're right of course, Cathy. I think I'll wait awhile.;)


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