Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, William Faulkner

Nobel Prize winning author William Faulkner was born today (1897-1962). A Very Happy Birthday, Mr. Faulkner. That's about all I have to say except that I thought the day should not go unremarked. I've never had great success reading Faulkner, I admit he's too difficult for me, a bit beyond what I can fathom. But I recognize that most of the rest of the world thinks otherwise and I respect the fact that they are probably right. (I did like the movie version of THE SOUND AND THE FURY with Yul Brynner and Joanne Woodward.)

I found all these old Faulkner book covers online. Aren't they fabulous? I am very keen on old book covers, especially the ones with garish images. (Well, garish in a good way.) So much cornpone and lust - who knew Faulkner wrote potboilers? Well, they probably aren't, but some of the older covers sure can fool you.

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