Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Special Reading Place

When you're at home - where do you read? Do you have a special spot or just flop down anywhere? Is the book the thing? Does comfort count? I know, I know - duh! Are you fussy? Do you need certain things at hand? A cup of tea? Coffee? A water bottle? Glass of wine? A sandwich? A cookie? A sleeping cat? A dog snoring gently near by? Music? None of the above?

If you could design your own ideal reading place, how would it look? Where would it be? Inside or out? Front porch or back? Sofa, chair or bed? If a chair, what kind? If a sofa, what kind? Does it matter? Yeah, it does to me. When you get to a certrain age, your bones do protest very much.

I tend to read at the kitchen table (see post below), though occasionally because I have a slobby gene, this results in a spattered book and more laundry for me. My second reading place is the white wicker sofa-chair you see above in my living room. Occasionally I read in bed or on the porch. But wherever I read, my dog Rocky is nearby, usually snoring softly. If you've never heard a chihuahua snore, you don't know what cute is. I like 'cute'. It is not distracting at all.

(Painting at the very top of this post is the work of fabulous artist, Deborah DeWit Marchant.)


  1. I usually read in my overstuffed beanbag when at home :-)

  2. Might I choose among the places you show us, my dearest, I'd take the porch, or your own throne. At home I read everywhere, it depends on the moment. Sitting in my kitchen, when having breakfast, lying in bed before my afternoon "beauty sleep" or at night before falling asleep; or on my couch or armchair, legs folded under me and light behind me.
    When I take the tube or a bus, too. It makes my travel shorter and more pleasant.
    Well, and I read where we all do, but it's not nice to tell.

  3. Ah, beanbag chairs. Love 'em. But not at my age, I'm afraid. I'd get comfy in one, then probably be unable to rise. HA! Thanks for posting on my 'newish' blog.

    Viv, I haven't even explored the 'places away from home' where people read. That's for another post down the line. Like 'what's the oddest place you've ever read?' How's that sound? Maybe I'll do that one next, after my book review coming up.
    I occasionally read in that 'place' where it's not nice to tell about, too. Ha.

  4. If I'm at home, my favourite reading domain is the conservatory - stretched out on an old but very comfortable sofa. Bliss!

  5. I love to read in outdoor cafes. Or on a park bench in the shade of the honey locusts. Nothing like being out of doors to sharpen the imagination.

  6. Sue, a conservatory sounds good to me. How fortunate you are. Reading is bliss no matter where you are.

  7. Elizabeth, me too! If you have a book with you, you're never dining alone, that's for sure.

  8. I just bought myself my very own reading chair, a leather recliner that fits me perfectly! But, I, too, read in bed, in a car, at the table, at the computer, on the couch (sitting or laying) at my desk at get the picture. My purse has to be big enough to carry a book. I try to keep a "car book" for those times I get stuck in the drive-throughs. We have a train that goes right through the middle of our lovely town. Ocassionally one gets "stuck" at a crossing. Those that care about the environment turn off their cars. And then some of us pick up a book and read. I am a huge fan of the CSU volleyball girls, ranked 17th in the nation this year, but I always take a book to the games. You see, we get there an hour early to get "our seats". These seats are NOT our season ticket seats, they are front row genreal admission seats right across from the girls' bench. Perfect! During that hour, I get in at least a half an hour of reading! One of my friends at school had to put his foot down when his daughter kept ruining books...she was reading in the shower! Yay books and GO RAMS!!

  9. Jean, I thought for sure you'd buy that green teddy bear chair I featured in my post. I thought of you when I found it online. HA! I read everywhere too. Though these days, that's mostly at home. Does your chair have a sign on it? You should embroider a pillow that says: "This is my reading chair. Sit at your peril." Ha!


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